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vuthy-starsVuthy Sim (pronounced Vooh-Tee Sim) has released its “Old Glory” swim suit in thong, bikini and square cut ranges as part of its rollout of new designs for 2014. The brand also plans soon to expand its Old Glory line to include briefs, boxers and board shorts to cover the full gamut of tastes in silhouettes. The handsome American flag print has proven to be exceptionally popular with buyers in its early days on the market. 

This is not your grandmother’s flag print, like so many kitschy fabrics on the market that seem more suited to a quilt than a swimsuit for the stylish man. Inspired by the American flag, “Old Glory” ranges allow you to show off your July 4th pride each day at the beach or poolside. In patriotic red, white and blue colors, you can’t be guaranteed a salute, but most likely attention and a few compliments. 

An elastic waistband eliminates the need for a messy drawstring. The front pouch provides comfort and fit to hold and accentuate a man’s natural assets. As always, you get Vuthy Sim’s unequaled attention to fit, design and quality of workmanship. Vuthy Sim’s fashions have been enjoyed worldwide for two decades, and have been seen on Broadway in the shows “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Spamalot.”

Vuthy Sim is constantly tweaking his designs to assure the best fit. Nobody likes a swimsuit that pinches (in the wrong places!) or rides up and needs to be constantly yanked down. That’s certainly not a problem with a swimsuit from Vuthy Sim.

Recommended Vuthy Sim sizing: small 28-30, medium 31-33, large 34-36, x-large 37-39. Free shipping in the USA! Only $10 to the rest of the world. The ranges vary in price from $36-$52 USD, and can be found online by visiting

We had a really amazing shoot this year. First off I want to thank our Sponsors, Clever Moda Masculine Underwear, Vuthy Sim Swimwear, Bwet Swimwear, N2N Bodywear, 2EROS and Manus Swimwear. We had a great day to shoot swimwear. Unlike previous years when we had rain and clouds. Our Photographer Ignacio Rivera Jr. out did himself with these pics.

Our three models were Matt, Derek and Martin. You have seen all of them before. Matt has been in two other shoots (Swimwear 2013 and Holiday 2013), Derek (July 2013 Baskit Shoot) and Martin (Holiday 2013) each have been in one other shoot. We def want to work with all of them again soon!

Clever Moda Masculine Underwear

UNB Swimwear Guide Clever Swimwear

  • Derek (left) is wearing the Clever 0574 Copacabana Swimsuit Trunk Color Black-Red
  • Matt (middle) is wearing the Clever 0578 Ipanema Swimsuit Trunk Color Black
  • Martin (right) is wearing the Clever 0579 Buzios Swimsuit Brief Color Black-Red-White

UNB Swimwear Guide Clever Swimwear

  • Derek is wearing the Clever 0568 Brazil Swimsuit Brief

UNB Swimwear Guide Clever Swimwear

  • Matt is wearing the 0577 Itacare Swimsuit Brief Color Green-White

Vuthy Sim Swimwear

UNB Swimwear Guide Vuthy Sim Swimwear

  • Martin is wearing the Vuthy 433 Bikini Asymetrical Swimwear Color Red-Gray

UNB Swimwear Guide Vuthy Sim Swimwear

  • Matt is in the Vuthy 411 Bikini Jellyfish Swim brief

UNB Swimwear Guide Vuthy Sim Swimwear

  • Derek is in the Vuthy 421 Square Cut Hibiscus Trunk

UNB Swimwear Guide Vuthy Sim Swimwear

  • Martin (left) is in the Vuthy 417 Bikini Old Glory Bikini
  • Derek (right) is in the Vuthy 434 Brief Patriotic Stripes

Bwet Swimwear

UNB Swimwear Guide Bwet Swimwear

  • Derek (left) is in the Bwet Soma Swim Trunk 14512 Turquoise
  • Matt (right) is in the Bwet Artchstone Swim Brief 14202 Orange/navy

UNB Swimwear Guide Bwet Swimwear

  • Matt is wearing the Bwet Atelier Swim Trunk 14701 Red

UNB Swim14-27

  • Derek (left) is wearing the Bwet Rushmore 14305 Red/Navy
  • Martin (rigth is wearing the Bwet Mima 14216 Black



UNB Swim14-28

  • Matt (left) is wearing the 2EROS Honolulu Ocean
  • Martin (right) is wearing the 2EROS Honolulu Sunset

UNB Swim14-32

  • Derek is wearing the 2EROS Geometric

UNB Swim14-37

  • Martin is wearing the 2EROS Tribe

N2N Bodywear

UNB Swim14-42

  • Martin (left) is wearing the N2N Bodywear Laguna Sport HP1
  • Matt (rigth) is wearing the N2N Bodywear La Cruze Purple LC1

UNB Swim14-46

Manus Swimwear

UNB Swim14-47

  • Mating (left) is wearing the Manus Tropical Macaw Print
  • Derek (middle) is wearing the the Manus Neon Yellow Swim Brief
  • Matt (right)  is wearing the Manus Leopard Face brief

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This year we have challenged you guys to break out the swim briefs and wear them proud. We have gotten some great feed back on the campaign, you guys are actually going to wear them! Now, the next big challenge for you guys who have worn a swim brief, would you wear a swim thong?

More brands are making swim thongs than ever before. I can’t remember when we had this many on the market. Vuthy has definitely expanded their line. Last year they had a few but this year I think the swim thong collection has doubled. I will admit I have worn a thong to lay out in once. I went to a park that was known to have guys lay out in swim briefs. I would go lay out and would wear my swim briefs as underwear. However, on this day I forgot I had on a thong and when I dropped my shorts I felt the breeze on my back side. I said “What the hell” and laid out. I got a few looks but had fun.

This pair from Vuthy is a lot of fun to me. The color and pattern really bring attention to the wearer. And lets face it if your’e going to wear a swim thong you want the attention! The color is a bright orange with a jellyfish design. Super fun for the beach. It is also available in a swim brief and trunk if you want a pair with a bit more coverage!

This thong is made for swimming. The fabric is a 80% Nylon and 20% spandex. Which means it will be quick drying when out of the water!

The Vuthy line was just released so it may take it a few weeks to get to stores. Just do a search on their site for Vuthy 410 Jellyfish at your favorite store!

Are you bold enough to wear a thong? Have you ever worn a thong?

410(1) 410(3)

Swimwear SS13-5We have a great candid shot from our UNB Swim Guide! Ignacio Rivera Jr. was on hand for our shoot and he snapped this pic during the shoot. The models Kyle (left) and Blake (right) are wearing Vuthy Swim Wear! This was during the time we were setting up the shoot. We had a great time at the shoot and we posted a picture of Kyle in midair doing a back flip into the pool on the Underwear News Briefs Facebook Page.

We will be doing a shoot soon with Ignacio and a great new model. Thanks again to Blackjack Mountain Inn for letting us shoot there!

We present the 2013 Swimwear Guide! Before we get into the guide I have to do two big thanks. First, Blackjack Mountain Inn ( located in Marietta, GA. Thanks for letting us shoot at your amazing location. If you are traveling to the Atlanta area check them out! Second is Calera Vision Center, LLC ( of Birmingham, AL for furnishing all the sunglasses you see!

The companies participating this year are Clever, Vuthy, Cocksox, Modus Vivendi, N2N Bodywear and Erogenos.

Clever-unb-swim-2013-aClever Swimwear

  • From Left to Right
  • Matt – Clever 0563- Striped Swim Brief
  • Kyle – Clever 0562 – Koi Swim Suit
  • Blake (standing) – Clever 0554 – Striped Swim Suit
  • Cody – Clever 0559 Swim Brief Circular Graphic Swim Suit


  • From Left to Right
  • Blake – Vuthy 335 – Flower Square
  • Kyle (seated) – Vuthy 324 – Vertical Stripe Boxer
  • Matt – Vuthy 325 – Dot Swim Brief
  • Cody – Vuthy 339 – Blue & Yellow Square


  • From Left to Right
  • Kyle – Vuthy 350 – Leopard Print Bikini
  • Blake – Vuthy 318 – Hawaiian Flower Bikini



Modus-vivendi-unb-swim-2013Modus Vivendi

n2nbodyewar-unb-swim-2013-aN2N Bodywear

n2nbodywear-unb-swim-2013-bN2N Bodywear


We will be posting more pics from this shoot over the next week as our brief distractions. Thanks to all those who participated. Also be on the look out for two videos from the shoot!