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In collaboration with Men and Underwear – The Shop

As the underwear industry grows, brands and their designers seek alternatives to the classic cotton blend fabrics used for ages in the construction of men’s underwear. New technologies, extensive research but also a need for innovation as the industry evolves, contribute to the use of new fabrics. The most popular of the all is definitely modal. Modal is a semi-synthetic made from pulp from beech trees. It is a type of rayon but made from particularly high-quality cellulose. Many have called it “the underwear fabric” because of its increasing use in the industry and its properties; modal is breathable, lightweight, absorbs water better than cotton, it has a silky feel and is naturally resistant to pilling. Modal was originally developed in Japan in the 1950s. Today, the biggest exporter of this type of fabric is China, while most of it is produced by the Austrian company Lenzing AG, which has the trademark for the fabric; its brands include Lenzing Modal, China Modal, and Formatex. Apart from Modal, Lenzing has trademarked two, even lighter, versions of the material, which are called MicroModal and Modal Air. These two fabrics are an even finer knit making the garment softer and more lightweight. Below you can find a selection of products made from modal, micro-modal and modal blend with cotton, which we think represent this trend best.

CODE 22 – Thrust Brief

The first pair of underwear we show you, and one that we think represents this trend quite well is the Thrust Briefs by CODE 22. This is a contemporary style, low rise men’s bikini briefs with sporty stripes on either side of the pouch. These briefs are made from a super soft modal, cotton and elastane fabric, that feels amazing on the skin. In this underwear, micro modal offers you the comfort you need for everyday wear and agility for sports. You will feel like wearing nothing at all!

Barcode Berlin – Briefs Oliver – Black with Yellow

The second pair of underwear in the list is the Oliver Briefs, one of the most stylish briefs of the season by Barcode Berlin. These briefs are made from three distinctive fabrics: ribbed cotton, modal and elastane. Modal here is used for its softness and breathability and as lining for the pouch. The brand used it also as a design element, giving it a dashing colour to stand out from the rest of the garment.

Andrew Christian – CoolFlex Modal Locker Room Jock w/ Show-It 

Apart from briefs, modal is used in the construction of other underwear styles such as this jock brief by Andrew Christian, the Show-It Locker Room Jock. The American brand used the fabric to add to the enhancing features that this jock has. This way the pouch expands to make extra room while the inside pocket offers the right support without restrictions. In this case modal was used for being stretchy, allowing the underwear to still maintain the second skin feel it was designed to have.

Marcuse – Brighten Thong

Another one modal specimen, is the Brighten Thong by Marcuse. This thong is a sexy, low rise, modal thong perfect for every day wear! The fabric is a modal blend with a generous amount of elastane. Here modal prevails by giving you incredible comfort, softness and minimal hold. For this reason, the brand added a wide waistband to hold the underwear firmly on the body.

Adam Smith – Boyshorts – Black

The last pair of underwear in the list is the B-Shorts by Adam Smith, a pair of low rise trunks designed for every day wear. The fabric in this case is micro modal, that feels like silk against the skin. The brand used micro modal for its breathability, agility and lightness to make it easier to wear all day without feeling any discomfort.

Here is the first report of 2021 in collaboration with Men and Underwear – The Shop about what sells best in Europe! A promising year is ahead of us and many brands have released many new lines late December just before we hit the SS2021 season. Among all best selling designs, we saw bright colours and prints mixed with ever-popular solids. Our top five comprises of blue, black, and khaki in a mix of classic and sexy! Let’s see what were the best selling underwear of December in descending order:

5. Andrew Christian – Show-It Locker Room Jock Navy 

The enhancing Locker Room jock by Andrew Christian in navy blue was the fifth best selling underwear in our shop. This sexy and front enhancing style has a horseshoe-shaped inner cup that adds a good amount of volume to your bulge, making it look rounder and certainly bigger. The back is not your typical jockstrap’s back. It has a fabric panel that covers the top part of your buttocks attached to the back of the pouch with straps to reveal your buttocks. 

4. Walking Jack – Bluebird Solid Briefs

In fourth place is a consistency best selling style in 2020, the all blue Solid Briefs of Walking Jack. The Greek brand made these with top quality cotton blend as a new take on classic briefs and we think they are just superb! The Bluebird Solid briefs are elegant and sophisticated, a must-have item of every underwear aficionado.

3. CODE 22 – Army Jockstrap Camo 

A jockstrap from the latest (and much anticipated) collection of CODE 22 is in third place. Featuring a camouflage print, possibly one of the most popular prints in men’s underwear, this jock is from the Army line of the Spanish brand. The pouch is made with athletic mesh, contoured to give you space and support. 

2. Barcode Berlin – Harness Maxim – Black-Red

In second place we see one of our most sexy underwear styles! Designed by Barcode Berlin, this piece is a harness combined with a jock in a single garment. Black with red detailing the Maxin Harness will cover your package leaving all the rest of your body exposed. Created to bring out the most sexy side of you, this underwear hybrid almost sold out within days! 

1. CODE 22 – Army Briefs – Khaki

In first place is one more style from Spanish brand CODE 22. These briefs are inspired by military attire featuring a khaki body made from athletic mesh and stripes and starts on the waistband framing the CODE 22 logo. Khaki is and has been one of the most popular colours in our shop!

Here is the first of many reports to come in collaboration with Men and Underwear – The Shop about what sells best in Europe! This autumn was packed with new collections for a number of brands. A good start to a promising season but let’s see what were the five best selling underwear of September in descending order:

5. Andrew Christian – Show-It Brief Navy

The latest in enhancing underwear by Andrew Christian in a stunning navy blue with constrasting details. These briefs have a horseshoe-shaped inner cup, lined by soft elastic which can add up to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) to a man’s frontal measurement and provide the biggest natural enhancement of any Andrew Christian underwear line.

4. CODE 22 – Neo Gym Jockstrap White

In fourth place is a fashionable and athletic white jockstrap by CODE 22 made with a ribbed polyester and elastane fabric. The fabric is lightweight with a luxurious feel and look. The ribbing echoes the unique waistband which has very narrow, transparent stripes, a neon green base and the CODE 22 logo in the middle.

3. Kale Owen – Thong Jeans and Roses

One of the most sexy styles from one of the most sexy European underwear brands, is in third place. This thong is almost sold out and this print was a best seller since the beginning of the year. This is not an average thong, it has very sleek and narrow lines front and back keeping coverage to an absolute minimum.

2. Walking Jack – Core Briefs White with Blue

In second place we had the athletic meets contemporary brief’s style in white with blue by Walking Jack. These briefs come with a contoured pouch to give you space where you need it most and flat lock seams everywhere to eliminate any friction against the skin. These briefs are consistently among the best sellers throughout the year!

1. CODE 22 – Naval Boxers – Blue

In first place is one more style from Spanish brand CODE 22. The Naval boxers feature a retro nautical theme with white and navy blue stripes printed on a perforated fabric. This athletic mesh keeps you cool for longer and in this particular pair is perfectly combined with a white and blue waistband. The sides are rounded to give that retro vibe with a white solid panel keeping them together.