Its not every day I get a pair of underwear that costs $100. Yes you heard me right, I got a pair of Frigo that retails for $100. Our friends over at Fresh Pair gave us this pair to review. So I was kinda excited to really put on a pair that has been profiled on the Today Show and other news outlets. This is a pair that I think will have a market but it will be highly specialized and those who wear it will love it and be worth every penny. Be warned this will be a LONG review.

The pair I got is the Frigo No. 1 Exclusive Boxer Briefs. The pair has been designed amazingly. When I took it out of the package the quality of the material was evident. Have you ever buy a pair of undies and when you feel them you know it’s high quality? That’s what I got with the Frigo. It was a very strong nylon/spandex blend. Which I personally love. I looked at the pair and there were air holes, mesh panels and a really interesting pouch. The mesh panels are not ones that are see through to show off but for cooling. This pair is designed for intense sporting activities.  The technology behind the pair is amazing. You can tell they spent time on the pair. I was really excited to try the pair, but my question was, will it hold up to every day use?

FRIGO-Pouch-breakdownI put the pair on and the first thing you notice is the pouch. It’s an interesting design that you put your junk, for a lack of better word, in and the pouch is adjustable. I forgot to mention that earlier, but you can adjust it to fit, so this is great for bigger guys. Adjusting is not bad and is done with a button rather then Velcro so it won’t slip or get messed up the way it does sometimes after a lot of wear. It took me a minute to get adjusted in the pair, but after getting situated it felts great. I will admit I’m not one for crazy pouch designs but this is something new, it kinda reminds me of Saxx but it’s a bit more advanced in design.

Boxer briefs are not my favorite style. One of my biggest gripes is that the legs ride up and loose their shape. Nothing can ruin a pair for me more then legs bunching up and having to pull them down all day. This pair avoids that by the implementation of silicone on the leg openings. It grips your legs and the pair won’t ride up. I was a little worried it would grip too tight or rip the hairs out of my legs but it didn’t. I’m telling you the thought put in this pair just blows my mind. Frigo did some research on how to make underwear for men!


I hear you saying yeah this is a great review but $100 buck price tag is hard to over look. I hear what you’re saying. I think these are for guys who are athletes or heavily involved with more intense athletics. I really see this taking market share from UnderArmour. I say this because they have engineered this so well and a lot of the UA gear I have tried doesn’t have a lot of support, especially the boxer briefs.  So, basically I see them as a high end athletic brand, which I think will do well.

Ok back to the review. I wore them around the house and errands. Which I don’t think did the pair justice. I should have gone out to run a marathon, do cross fit, or a triathlon.  The FreshPair.com site says guys wear it for every day. As I said the fit was amazing and felt great. These will be in my everyday wear let me tell you.

The pouch I liked, but like I said make sure you get in the pouch. Through out the day I would forget and have to go back and adjust. So it will take a little bit of work to make sure its all good.  But once in it I had no issues at all.

The nylon/spandex material just fit well.  Ok, not well I loved the feel of these on. They are basic black and if you were to wear them to the gym or else where you’d never get a second look. I said above that there were mesh panels. Which are on the side of the legs. They are the same black and it’s a sports mesh not a sheer mesh. It will keep you cool but not draw attention to you in a locker room. Most probably wouldn’t notice the very well engineered undies. They would think they were just run of the mill athletic undies.

Sizing in the pair was pretty spot on. I’m at an odd size I maybe could have gone smaller but that’s more on me then the Frigo. The legs have a tight fit and the pouch isn’t a bulge pouch, meaning it won’t show off and enhance what you have but support it. It may sound odd but I enjoyed it. As with all undies, make sure you double check the size guide before ordering.

This is the longest review I have ever written for UNB but there is so much about this pair that you can say. It seriously has blown me away the work that was put in this pair. The workmanship and material definitely justifies the price tag. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


  • Amazing technology and design
  • High quality materials
  • Innovative pouch design
  • Silicone on the leg to prevent riding up
  • Classic styling


  • High price tag may turn guys off
  • Maybe too athletic for many guys daily wear
  • Only available in black, if you’re a guy who loves color


  • Daily Fit – 10
  • Sizing – 10
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 10
  • Overall: 9.8

This pair, as I said was furnished for review by Freshpair.com. Frigo has a lot more pairs then just the $100 pairs, they also have T-shirts and other boxer briefs for around $30. Definitely check them out if you’re an avid sportsman.


CR7Luxury_LowRiseTrunk_cmyk_A4Today the CR7 line is now out! We brought you a few images about the collection. We hope to have a lot more about the line this week and next. In the U.S. Freshpair.com will be carrying the line. It should be interesting and we will be getting some to review as well. It looks to be a cool line, and looking forward to finding out more for you guys.

The website is now live and up. However it appears to just be for the European Union. So we will have to wait a bit more to get them. I was told it should be available by mid Nov here. We will get pairs to review as soon as we can. This is one we may have to buy and try. Are you guys intersted in the CR7 Line?


We found out about the $100 Boxer this week. It’s from a company called Frigo and available at FreshPair.com. So we asked them for some info about the pair and here you go! I must say I think this sounds super cool the technology they used to make this. I would love to try one out.

Frigo: As Seen On The Today Show

As seen on the Today Show, Frigo Underwear uses advanced technology to create revolutionary underwear for active men. Frigo was originally designed as performance underwear for top athletes, but this game-changing collection is now available for anyone looking for an exceptional fit for everyday wear. Made with soft fabrics that are designed to give you the ultimate fit and support, Frigo revolutionary underwear will make you rethink underwear!


Frigo Underwear Technology

The Frigo No. 1 Boxer Brief (the $100 underwear style that you heard of on the Today Show, and supported Al Roker and Matt Lauer during the segment!) has a state-of-the-art fabrication: constructed mostly of smooth performance microfiber with ultra-light fabric on the crotch so you don’t feel constricted. It also features breathable mesh zones to keep you cool and has a unique laser-cut ventilation system and Coolmax wicking fabric to help keep you dry. You’ll love the bonded (almost stitch-free) body for a smooth, seamless fit and a waistband with covered seams for a near-seamless feel. According to Freshpair president, Matthew Butlein, “Once you take them out of the box, you’ll see that this isn’t hype or branding…these are the real deal. These really are completely engineered from scratch, made with cutting-edge materials and built better than any other underwear we’ve ever seen.”

Frigo-Underwear-Front Frigo-Underwear-Side 2

All Frigo underwear styles from Frigo Boxer Briefs to Frigo Trunks to Frigo Cycling Shorts are made with cutting edge materials and supreme construction. They have a patented, adjustable interior mesh pouch that provides the ultimate support to enhance your athletic experience. The pouch provides unparalleled support and its soft lock adjustment system lets you adjust the fit to your own preference. Aside from keeping you supported, it uniquely features a specially designed cooling barrier that prevents sweating and chafing. In addition to this game-changing pouch, Frigo underwear also feature silicone-lined leg openings that anchor the fabric, preventing ride-up.

Frigo T-Shirts

From microfiber to breathable soft cotton, Frigo T-Shirts optimize performance wear, re-inventing your gym essentials into “Revolutionwear.” The Frigo Microfiber T-Shirt is engineered with enhanced performance fabric by Eurojersey® Italy and cool mesh zones at the armpits and back. The Frigo No. 2 mesh t-shirt is engineered with cool mesh performance fabric and if you opt for a cotton t-shirt, the Frigo No. 3 Cotton T-Shirt is constructed with breathable cotton stretch and flatlock seams that prevent chafing. Whichever you choose, all Frigo t-shirts are meant to help you perform like you were meant to — the best.


Happy National Underwear Day! Every year FreshPair.com brings us this yearly celebration of all things underwear. Founded on August 5th, 2003 each year they do events to raise awareness of underwear. We fully support this day and hope you will celebrate with us!

This past year FreshPair.com has been focusing on confidence. They launched the Confidence Project, where men and women tell their stories of underwear and confidence. They range from cancer survivors to regular people. It’s great to see this in the underwear arena. This is what we want to focus on today!

Has anyone ever said to you, “Oh you don’t need to wear that?” “Oh that is so out of style” “only (insert gay slut) wear that type of underwear?” “Those just look stupid”  Have these things then affected your underwear purchasing or daily wear?

Having run this blog for almost 5 years I have heard every underwear choice a there is. They include thongs, men’s lace, bikinis, boxers and everything in between. Many guys who read this blog are in the closet with their love of underwear. When I am out at a party and guys find out that I write an underwear blog many will feel safe to confess their love of underwear.  You can see their eyes light up and talk about underwear. It’s like they are confessing a big dark secret for the first time.

We have created UNB as a safe place for guys, both straight and gay, to come together and talk about underwear. Because ALL guys need great underwear. It has been a long-standing mantra here at UNB that underwear should be fun and make you feel great.

You should wear whatever underwear you feel best in and to hell with what anyone else thinks.  How do we go about this? First, we need to not listen to society saying what makes a guy sexy. Underwear is a personal statement about who we are and what we like.  Its up to us to feel sexy and explore that part of ourselves.  So don’t wear underwear that the “general public” thinks you should wear.

Second, we shouldn’t judge anyone else underwear preference. I know many of you out there don’t understand men’s lace underwear. But there are a big group of guys who love this area of underwear. I will admit I have tried lace briefs from MalePower and they fit amazing. Who knew I would like lace? Let’s be open and supportive to every underwear lover. Just because you show support doesn’t mean you have to wear that style.

Third, Don’t let friends/family shame you into wearing something else. My personal favorite is bikinis. I have had friends who find out I wear them go “aren’t they uncomfortable?” “those don’t look good on a guy” and the list goes on. We need to ignore them because they aren’t wearing the underwear we are!  Over the years I have had family members make fun of me and question my underwear love. I felt great in them and ignored their comments. Why wear something we are going to hate to conform to others and when you think about it, are they really going to know what underwear you are wearing?

Fourth, if you feel sexy in it don’t let body issues get in the way. This one I have heard so many times on the blog. I’m too fat/thin, not endowed, my butt is too big/small and the list goes on to wear (insert style).  How many of us are actually underwear models? I bet more then 85% of people who read this blog couldn’t get a job as an underwear model. Remember the models are part of the marketing, all of us aspire to look like the model in our underwear but very few of us actually do.  I used to weight 300 pounds, at 6’4” I was big but not huge. Today I’m down 75 pounds and want to go down 25 more pounds. Even at that size I still wore my bikinis. It made me still feel sexy to wear my beloved bikinis.  Guys on each size of too big or too thin have this issue. My advice is to wear what you love and own it no matter what you think your issue is!

Lastly, lets all not be so shy about sharing your underwear love. Over the last five years more and more guys say they love great underwear. It’s not something taboo being relegated to the back pages of magazines any more. Let’s be confident about our underwear choices and be shamed when others find out about that love. So when a friend comes over and see’s your laundry and says something negative about your undies say “have you ever tried them?” and start a conversation. I have found the more guys that actually try great underwear will keep buying them and change their preferences and underwear drawer. To do this comment on this and other underwear blogs, participate in our social media, email us, and talk to us! We love talking underwear and all you have to do is reach out and we will answer back!

I will get off my soap box now and hope you guys will go out and wear what you want. Don’t let anyone sway your opinion or make you wear something you don’t like. The stigma around men’s underwear is changing and with National Underwear Day we will keep bringing attention to men’s underwear!  So go out now and enjoy National Underwear Day and wear something great!

header-imageHappy National Underwear Day! Today is the one day we get to celebrate all things underwear. We want to know how you plan on celebrating this day!

If you are in New York City go wear your underwear to the World’s Largest Gathering of People in Underwear.

  • August 5th, 2013 5:00pm–7:30pm EST.
  • Times Square at Broadway between 46th and 47th St.


There are some rules from FreshPair.com:

We encourage you to show your individuality and confidence by wearing your favorite undies, but in order to break the Guinness World Record we all must adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Men must be wearing underpants, boxers, boxer briefs or briefs. They cannot be wearing shirts, undershirts, or jock straps.
  2. Women must wear underpants, thongs (not too revealing; allowed on a case-by-case basis), shapewear or boyshorts (that are clearly underwear). Shirts or full coverage bras are also permitted.
  3. All participants can wear socks and shoes.
  4. If it rains, ponchos are not permitted but umbrellas are.

Event Etiquette

  1. Remember that, although the National Underwear Day event is 18+ years of age, Times Square is a family-friendly location. Be courteous, but have fun. Wear fun undies, but keep in mind revealing items may be offensive to some.
  2. Nudity is strictly prohibited. Although it’s not illegal to go topless in NYC, Times Square is a family-friendly location so we should all be considerate of non-NUD participants, passers-by, and tourists.
  3. National Underwear Day is all about public displays of confidence (#PDC) but public displays of affection, towards any participants, are discouraged.

If you’re like me and can’t go, enjoy some great underwear on the day. Have a great National Underwear Day!