William Price


Last month Sobe Men’s Show held it’s Summer fashion show. It showcases the hottest mens underwear around. They do these two times a year. Usually in January/February and then in July. We were lucky enough to be a sponsor and one of our friends was a model in the show!

If you are a long time fan you know about William Price. He’ been in our guides and on the site through NorCalBodz. This was his first runway show. We think he’s pretty awesome and a good friend to us here at UNB.

Here is what he had to say:

This was my first runway or fashion show of any kind. It took place on South Beach Miami on July 14, 2010. Over all it was a great experience it was a little nerve racking to begin with never having done runway. There were many photographers and fashion enthusiasts present and the crowd was a little louder and vocal than I expected. Being in outside in the middle of July and in South Florida, to say it was hot was an understatement. The show was very well run and put together. The designers worn were Frank Dandy, Unico, and Undergear. I would say that  Unico was my favorite brand there as they are already one of my favorites I love the way they fit, look and their materials used are always soft with cool designs. I look forward to doing more runway and fashion shows and I want to thank Apllo GT for the Opportunity. You can see more pic’s form the show in this months (August) print of his magazine. The video can also be found on You Tube if you search under SoBe Men‘s Show 2010. Also look for me shortly on All American Guys (AAG) and North American Bodies (NAB).

We hope you enjoy the pics here and will bring you more as brief distractions as well!

We are joined on the podcast by model William Price. One of the great models from NorCalBodz. He’s been seen on our blog many times. The last time you have seen him was in our holiday guide! He’s been busy working on many things, including a spread for Playgirl! He was fun to talk too and hope you enjoy the interview! You can see more of William at www.william-price.com