Zylas Underwear


0034-white-4Longer boxer briefs are one of the big trends in men’s underwear. Every time I turn around a new company is coming out with them. One of the first to really embrace the long boxer is Zylas. If you aren’t familiar with the brand they have been around a few years.  Zylas focuses on mainly boxer briefs and briefs in a solids and strips.

As I have said Zylas has had longer boxers since their inception. it’s been a staple in their line up. Now, about 2 years later, more and more companies are producing the longer boxers. one of the newest pairs is the 0034 Long Boxer. Available in 3 colors and has an above the knee lenght

About the Pair

  • Color – White, Black and Grey
  • Length – Above the knee
  • Fabric – 93% nylon, 7% elastane
  • Made with contrasting stitching to accent your body
  • Great for sports or other physical activities

You can find Zylas Facebook or at a retailer new you or online


Color to me is one of the most important things in underwear. It allows us to show our personality, even when we have to wear a uniform or suit to work. It adds a personal level to the underwear we wear. We know this because we have heard from you guys that you wear your navy suit to work and a pink jock or purple brief under your suit pants.

Are there any colors off limits in men’s underwear? We may have our own personal limits but companies make underwear in every color of the rainbow. We thought we would share 5 pairs with great color on the market now!


Zylas 3063 Long Boxer Brief – Orange – Find at a retailer near you or online


Supa-Fly Jockstrap Berries – Purple  – $20.00 – Find at http://www.supawaer.com


Andrew Chirstian Almost Naked Tagless Brief – Fuchsia – $13.96 – Find at http://www.andrewchristian.com


2(X)ist Sliq Mesh Brief – Red – $26.00 – Find at http://www.2xist.com


Timoteo Pop Out Soccer Jock – Green – $30.00 – Find at http://www.timoteo.net

41Let us know what some of your favorite cuts and colors are, and from what brand you love best!