The N2N reviews just keep on coming. These are the new Mojave Cutaway briefs. I will say when I first saw them I thought they were so cool. They are kind of like a string bikini but with a bigger waist band. The thing I have really liked about N2N is the pouch. It’s very supportive and fits great.

I wore the Mojave Cutaway for a day of errand running. It fit really great and held up very nicely. The materials were very well put together and very soft. I have to say that really soft material in undies just makes me feel so good. The cotton they used was some of the best I have felt in a while.

One thing I didn’t like was they way they looked on me. Which granted is a minor thing, but if I had looked like the model in the posting here, I wouldn’t have had a problem. But not being the underwear model, they didn’t look good on me and the way I’m built. That’s not to say that you won’t like them. I’m sure we’ve all had a pair of undies we think are really great then put them on and go “Um, no.” That’s these. I will wear these but they won’t be Date Night undies.

Fit:                   4.5
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                4.0
Daily Wear:       4.5
Overall:            4.6

You can get the Mojave Cutaway briefs directly from N2N. They cost $17. The sizes that are available are Small through XL. This pair also comes in colors, which are rust, olive and grey.

MojaveCutawayPop09A MojaveCutawayPop09BMojaveCutawayPop09C


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