When I took this out of the pack, I thought it was a thong. You may ask, “How could you confuse a jock for a thong?” I’ll tell you why! The package showed a thong but, when I got it out of the pack, I noticed it was a jock, making me happy. I have two thongs from Unico and really wanted to try the jock.

I wore the jock (Classics 00282004) one day this past weekend when it was HOT HOT HOT. I wore them under my cargo shorts. The jock fit terrific. The one thing I thought was interesting was the waistband and the leg straps were about the same size. I wondered if it would cause me any problems, but I must say it wore amazingly well. It didn’t ride, move, or anything out of the ordinary. The pouch was the same incredible Unico pouch.

I would recommend wearing this jock to anyone who is active throughout the day. I think the fit would not bind or cause any problems in daily wear. It felt as though I wasn’t wearing anything at all. This probably is the best jock I have worn in a while. Unlike the other guys I don’t wear a lot of jocks. I like them but they just aren’t in my collection.

Fit:                   5
Materials:          5
Put Together:    5
Look:                5
Daily Wear:       5
Overall:            5

This jock gets a perfect five from me which is rare. I don’t give a lot of things fives. This just, however, is well put together, fits well, and really holds up through the day. I think you could wear it to the gym and would not get you any unwanted stares. It is black while many jocks are the standard white, but I don’t think it matters. Also, for daily wear, it fits well. Go check it out!
These were furnished by the Poster Hut here in Atlanta. You can purchase it in the store or from the Unico website.


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