As you all know, I don’t do the boxer briefs much. I will say that Unico has been my few exceptions. I pulled them out of the pack and they were a nylon/spandex blend that felt so nice. I couldn’t wait to put them on. They are the black ones from the Filmgrafia line (19101S99).

I slid them on and they felt great. Unlike the briefs, I had no initial issue with the front seam. They fit like I wanted them too. They were snug and held everything in place which gave me support throughout the day.

I wore these boxer briefs for a business function. I took a risk wearing boxer briefs but I swear it felt like I was wearing a brief. I never once had a problem with them bunching or riding up into my crotch. My main complaint with boxer briefs would be exactly that…bunching.
One thing I didn’t mention in the last review is the new waistband. It’s a branded waistband with UNICO written on it. I personally love branded waistbands. You know from the other reviews I have done that I love this feature and I’m glad they have distinguished their product with this waistband.

Fit:                   5
Materials:          4.5
Put Together:    4.5
Look:                5
Daily Wear:       5
Overall:            4.8

These boxer briefs are awesome and I greatly recommend them for daily wear. They also can pass the gym factor. You won’t have too many stares for wearing something wild. They give you great support throughout the day, whether you’re active or sit at a desk. Give them a try! I bet you won’t be disappointed.

These were furnished by the Poster Hut here in Atlanta. You can purchase it in the store or from the Unico website.


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