This is our last of the Unico reviews and these are, I will say, some perfect date night underwear. How many times have we gone on a date and wanted to wear something really fun and with the hopes it would be seen? These are perfect for such an occasion.

These are the Equnioccio boxers that are made of the amazing Unico pouch with mesh sides and back. It is really sexy without being over the top! It’s a very sexy pair as you can see by the picture. Unico stepped outside the box for this pair, making it something I haven’t seen very often from them.

The boxer is made from a nylon mesh. It creates something very sexy, but it doesn’t give much movement. The one thing I missed out of this pair is the Unico fit. The mesh was not as forgiving as other pairs I have worn and reviewed. That is one thing I really love about Unico, but for the sexy look I’ll take the trade off!

Fit:                   4

Materials:          4.5

Put Together:    5

Look:                5

Daily Wear:       4

Overall:            4.5

These boxers were furnished by Unico and they can be purchased at the Unico Store, located at


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