Nasty Pig has taken their sexy rubber jock and plussed it big time. Let you website visitors know!

Here’s some copy to use on your sites to let everyone know about the new Upgraded Nasty Pig Rubber Jocks:


Some of you may fondly remember the original Nasty Pig rubber jockstrap at Jockstrap Central but as good as it was, Nasty Pig has made some vast improvements to what we consider one of the sexiest fetish jockstrap ever.

While this rubber jockstrap still looks hot with it’s slick racing stripe running down the center of the pouch and is still machine washable, it now has a soft quilted inner lining giving the rubber more structure and providing a fuller looking pouch (the original pouch had a tendency to buckle.) The elastic waistband has also been improved for a more sturdy feel.

Of course the best news is, despite all the improvements, the incredible price of $35 has stayed the same!

This machine washable jockstrap includes a masculine 2 inch wide waistband with an embroidered Nasty Pig logo front and center with plushed 3/4 inch elastic leg straps and is now available at Jockstrap Central.”


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