Great news to all of you who fell in love with the Omtex jockstraps we launched a little while ago. We’ve just added three new very unique jockstraps to the Omtex lineup – an extra wide terry cloth backed waistband supporter, a ribbed army inspired camouflage jock and a stylish comfort swimmer jock. As to be expected from the Omtex brand, these new jock are all about comfort and quality…

Omtex Gold Jockstrap: Gold simply refers to the quality and not the color. Like the previously launched Omtex jocks, this jockstrap has the signature double walled comfort pouch but where it really gets interesting is with the extra wide waistband – besides being a full three and one quarter inches wide, it’s backed with a moisture controlling terry-cloth that gets softer and softer with each wash.

Omtex Army Jockstrap: This army influenced jockstrap is not only comfortable but stylish with a camouflage infused 2 inch waistband and matching one and one quarter inch leg straps. For a final touch of style, Omtex has made the pouch in ribbed army green cotton.

Omtex Aqua Jockstrap: Omtex does a unique take on a swimmer jock (hence the “aqua” in the title.) Mainly off-white with a striking grey racing stripe through the one and one quarter inch plushed waistband. What really makes this jockstrap unique, however, is that the leg straps are the same width and made from the same comfort elastic as the waistband. Finally, a single walled ultra-soft cotton pouch completes this stunning jockstrap.



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