Ristefsky Macheda is a company that has combined the sexy sophisticated style of Europe with the masculine casual feel of Australia and girding our loins since 2005. You can definitely see the mixture of suave and fun in their collection with underwear from either end of the spectrum. Today we are going to take a look at one pair, the Retro Low Rise Brief.

The brief definitely has a style of its own. Overall, the entire look is very traditional and classy yet, as the name suggests, there’s a retro twist to it. The colors for this brief are great! It comes in charcoal grey trimmed with blue, yellow, red or sky blue. All great contrasts and I love the not quite black spunk of the charcoal. The fabric is 95% cotton which makes them very comfortable and 5% elastane which help the brief keep its shape and support all day long with out getting saggy. This brief has a refined nostalgic look with a contemporary luxury. The elastic waist band has the branded label in a bold print and does not repeat all the way around. It’s just one clear gallant statement centered right in the front then white with a thin black strip through the rest. I think this is a terrific way of bringing attention to the brand and shows the purposeful and careful craftsmanship of the brief. The waist line sits low, just under your hip bone, however I didn’t find that it sits as low as some low rise underwear. I think this lower waist line is becoming the norm in pants and is carrying over into underwear.

I wore these briefs right after they arrived in the mail. I was pretty excited after examining the look and feel in my hands. I wore them for an entire day of work and errands and have to say they were very comfortable and supportive. I washed them and then wore them again. The underwear machine-washed and dried well so it is definitely a pair that will last. For the second wearing of the briefs I wore them to the gym where I worked out and taught a yoga class. They were very supportive and comfortable and didn’t ride up or chafe plus they looked good in the locker room. They make great gym undies. For everyday wear, they sat well with my jeans. As previously stated, the new trend is a lower waist and these fit perfectly in place with the new trend.

If you’re a guy who likes a nice full plentiful seat you may notice that the waist band comes just above your gluteal cleavage and, after a while, that can feel a little irritating. The tag is the main reason for that and it can be removed. I usually snip the corners off so that it’s not so scratchy. Even though the look suggests ‘vintage’, the configuration is very up to date. The front, with its clichéd fly, has an added dimension to it so that the base protrudes just enough to mimic a pouch. This gives your man bits the room and coziness they crave while still keeping them supported. I never felt confined and had little adjusting to do. I typically wear a size medium comfortably however I found these mediums to be a little snug. Not tight but slightly less spacious than other undies I have. Although, after I had them on for a while, they didn‘t feel that tight. But if you are a man who’s on the edge of a size or like a roomier fit you may want to order a size up.

Overall, the Ristefsky Macheda Retro Low Rise Brief is a great pair of underwear to own for any occasion whether you’re looking for comfort, support or just a great look.

FIT: 4
LOOK: 4.5

Ristefsky Macheda provided the product for review.


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