The Clever line this year is HUGE. I am really blown away by all the undies they have come out. It’s a great line that I have divided up into categories to make it easier to report. The categories are Tribal, Geometric, Thongs and Swimwear.

This year I think that Clever really put some fun and color in their undies. When you see it you will not think boring. They used colors, patterns and lines to create a really fun line. I personally love to see companies that take risks and try new designs. The world of undies would be so boring with out risk takers. Granted, there is a time and place for classic but we all need those pairs that we wear out that are just FUN!

Clever is the perfect night out for fun undies. This line is for those who want to show their style in their undies as much as their clothes. I know we have readers who do just that, and area always looking for something new and fun.

The line is available in both brief and boxer briefs. Unless it is noted as just one style. Now on to the line.

I call it Tribal because it looks like some of the Tribal Tattoos I have seen. It is a major theme in the Clever line. It comes in both printed and solid backgrounds.

  • Elements Boxer/Brief is one with a brown pattern background and over printed with the tribal
  • Mosaic Tattoo Boxer/Brief – This one is a little darker with a  coral and yellow background with the tribal tattoo over the background.
  • Tane Brief/Bxoer – This one is more conservative it is either white or gray with pattern printed over the brief/boxer
  • Arki Boxer/Brief – Again another more conservative pair. It’s a solid white pair with a choice in black or green waistband. On the seat there is a print of a tribal tattoo in a graduated color print
  • Kauri Boxer/Brief – If you really love the tribal prints then this is a pair you will like. It’s another solid base color but with a much larger tribal print. It’s also available in white and black.

The next set is the Geographic set. If you like lines and geometric shapes then this is for you. They have lines, patterns and more. Plus not to mention many more colors in this collection.

  • Clever Rain Boxer Brief – This is a print that incorporates lines to create a rain pattern. It is available in Red and Grey
  • Revolution Boxer/Brief – This is another pattern created by lines. But this time they are diagonal lines that intersect. This effect looks really cool on the pouch! Its available in Green and Grey.
  • Drops Boxer/Brief – Now it’s time for a pattern with circles. This pair is created with a  dark solid background with white circles. It’s only available in one color.
  • Snowballs Boxer/Brief – This is a really cool pair one that has a blue waistband with different color blue dots that create lines. It’s available in one color as well.
  • Diamond Brief/Boxer is available in many colors, Red, Blue, Black. The pouch is a solid white but the diamond pattern goes all the way around to the other side of the pouch.

We posted on our Facebook page last week about thongs. There are few things that divide the underwear wearing public  as much as thongs. We got people who love them, to people who would NEVER wear them. If you are a thong fan then you should check out Clever. A lot of the lines we have told you about above are available in a thong. Clever is one company that has embraced the thong and really put time in the collection. So if you are a thong lover rejoice, Clever didn’t forget about you!

Active wear is one area I think we will see a lot of this year. It just makes sense that underwear companies would focus on this segment. We all spend at least 12 hours in our undies. We need to be comfortable in every situation. Active wear is one area we are seeing innovations in every year. That includes making them more fashionable. Previous years it has been white, black, then they moved into colors and now we are moving in to patterns and making it seem like active underwear can be worn as regular underwear.

  • Front Mesh Brief/Boxer – The boxer is more of a trunk fit. It is in Black and white, but don’t let that fool you. The Black has a red waistband with red on the pouch. While the white is a blue waistband and blue accents. The brief is similar but has a solid pouch. The colors available in Black and Blue. The Black has a yellow pouch with a green waistband, while the Blue has a black pouch with blue waistband.
  • Natura Boxer and Natura Latin Brief. This is a pair that is a mix of traditional and some color. The top of both styles had a colored patterned print and white at the bottom. The color reflects the waistband which is Green and Grape.
  • Ultra Mesh Brief – Mesh is another area that has been popular in men’s underwear. This is not the sexy see through mesh, but more of a sports mesh that will breath. This is available in blue, white and black.

Last up we have swimwear. We are rapidly approaching spring. Here in Atlanta we have had spring one day and winter the next. The spring days are starting to stay longer and its only a matter of time before we are in summer. Clever had tied in some of the ideas for underwear and made swimsuits in the same style. Its a very cohesive line in both swim and underwear. But if you are not into swim briefs then the swimwear is not for you.

  • Jamaica Swimsuit Brief – This one carries on the tribal prints. The tribal prints are a big inspiration for the line and they carried it over in swim. It’s available in Yellow and Green.
  • Bluxo Swimsuit Brief – This is not 100% geometric but has that feel. It’s Blue (dark and light) and white pattern.
  • Advantage Swimsuit Brief – This pair has very similar styling as the Natura line. With the pattern at the top and solid color at the bottom .
  • Exsus Swimsuit Brief –  This one i think is really cool. It’s a box pattern with red or blue outlines. It’s definitely very geometric and just a funky fun pattern.
  • Deep Blue – This is the last suit. It’s not really a fit in most category but it’s just very cool. It’s Blue with a pattern that is very remnant of water. It is probably my favorite suit they have made.

This is not the entire collection of Clever. I covered more then I thought I would, but feel the collection is so large that you couldn’t go over just a few. It is a pretty great and cohesive collection. I was seriously impressed by it. You can see them here in this post and at some of your favorite underwear retailers.

If you go to our Facebook Page you can see a few more pictures of the ones here and also some of the ones we didn’t cover in this post.

Stay tuned for write ups of Pikante, Candyman and more soon!


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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