Joe Snyder Buldge Bikini

The latest trend in men’s underwear is enhancing underwear. Virtually every brand and line is experimenting in ways to boost, well, a man’s confidence. I thought it might be a wise and fun idea to more closely examine what some of the different companies are offering and really put them to the test.

Different companies use various ways to plump up your front; I’ve seen everything from slings and rings, straps and pouches and even padding. With all these options out there, someone was going to have to wade through them and find out what does what, and what does it well. Yes UNB readers, I shall put my goods through the trials and tribulations and give you my honest opinion on what these enhancing undies can do for your junk.

I will evaluate the different pairs using several criteria. Each pair will be rated in fit, comfort, enhancing factor, and a little something I’ve come up with called the “fraud factor”. The Fraud Factor is simply this: should someone be intrigued by your newly enhanced front, how embarrassing or awkward will it be to a) remove your boys from the various contraptions and b) explain the sudden deflation. A score of 0 means that no one would be the wiser, but a 5 is equivalent to gym socks stuffed down your front.

So far I’ve had a blast with this little side project and I hope you will find it to “enhance” our postings here on the site! Look for reviews starting this week!



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