Here is a bit of info about the new Pipe Underwear collection. We interview Pipe Underwear and they go into more detail about the line and some of the future plans for the College Jock Collection.

The new collection is called College Jock, what was the inspiration for this line?

For the same reasons as to why I started Pipe Underwear, I could never find underwear that fits and looks great whether at home, the gym or simply dancing with my shirt off at the club. “Who doesn’t want to live or relive their College Jock days in style?”

Tell us about the Campus line? What sets this collection apart from the other lines you have done?

Its designed to bring out the youthful, athletic inner-state of being from each person who wears the Campus line.  This lines bold “Campus” logo and vibrant colors is one of the images you would imagine when thinking of that “athletic college jock”, right?

This is the year of the Jock, as we have proclaimed it, and you have a really cool looking jock, what made you create one for this line?

PIPE=Jock 🙂

Are you going to add any more to the College Jock Collection?

By June we are adding 5 new lines to College Jock. Only underwear, they lines are called “Beach”, “Paradise”, “Sailing”, “Surfing”, “Waves” and our most exiting one “Commando”).  It is very important for everyone to know that each collection we design and release is unique in that you can know that there are only so many available items before we sell out and move on to our next hot collections.

Be aware that we will be releasing our “League” collection next.

Where can our readers find the collection? or ask their local underwear dealer to carry our line.



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