It wasn’t exactly love at first sight with the first pair of underwear I was given for this, my first review for Underwear News Briefs.  But then love is blind and you’d almost have to be when you set your eyes on the Frank Dandy Fish Trunk.  Radioactive sea-foam green meets Christmas red piping are a color combination that did indeed make me smile throughout the day—you know, just the thought of wearing brave colors under khakis is a cheery notion, but the screen-printed koi motif prevented me from walking around the locker room in my skivvies.

Now, I promise this review will get more favorable if you stay with me, gentle reader, but allow me one more cynicism: Functional-fly briefs are usually suspect in my book because the pouch region is usually never adequate in them.  I require a lot of room up front, and fly briefs never seem to have the contoured pouch I prefer and I usually end up mitigating the Great Garment-Scrotal War, which is not attractive at a cocktail party to say the least.  But behold!  The Frank Dandy Fish Trunks were comfortable and supportive, and my cows didn’t try to escape.  The overlapped panels of the fly adjusted to my package and kept everything up and out.  So nicely supported was I that I wore them later that afternoon to the gym in lieu of my usual Bike jock.  The rear panel hugged nicely too I might add.


What I did like

  • the colors
  • the ample pouch
  • good butt underwear

A few things you didn’t like about the pair and how they can improve

  • The screened-on koi pattern
Fit 2
Materials 5
Construction 2
Look: 5
Daily Wear 1
Overall: 2.6

This pair was furnished by Kingston Lounge Now. It is available on their site for $29 U.S.

Editors Note: Nick is a new writer/reviewer for UNB. Nick is an Atlanta-area underwear enthusiast who is always on the look-out for a great supportive pair of underwear or jockstrap. Briefs with pants. Jockstraps with jeans and gym gear. He usually goes commando in shorts all summer.



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