Trying the Naked boxerbrief from was a fantastic experience.  This boxer brief is like being naked.  It fits close, but it is not tight or restrictive.  When you rub your hands over the fabric and onto your own skin, it is hard to tell that you went from skin to fabric to skin.  Strange?  Maybe for some, but I felt this to be the best feature of this pair of boxerbriefs.

While filming a documentary in 2008 in South Africa for his charity, Project World Citizen, Joel Primus developed the idea for Naked underwear.  When he returned to Canada, he could not find underwear that was like underwear he had seen in South Africa.  After a couple of years of development, the brand became a reality.  Thank goodness!

There are three basic styles for Naked underwear, boxer, boxerbrief, and brief.  The boxer has longer legs than the boxerbrief, but retains the close fit and is not the normal boxer we tend to think it would be.  There are no waistbands on Naked underwear as they would only be a distraction to the style and fit.  The pouch is ample, supportive, and soft two-ply fabric.  The fabric itself is from Italy and is 86% Polyamide and 14% Elastane (microfiber).

I wore this boxerbrief for normal daily activity and found it to be comfortable and soft.  I wore khaki pants and they slipped up over the boxerbrief easily and never felt like they were sticking to the fabric and pulling on my pants.  I hated to take them off at the end of the day.

Overall, the fit was great and true to size large.  The fabric is some of the softest I have felt.  The style was modern and made me think of life in the city in a loft.  I love these boxerbriefs!  I would like to try the brief from Naked and see if it has the same fit and overall niceness of fabric.  Even though I really enjoyed this pair of boxerbriefs, there are a couple of negatives associated with them.  First, the price is $42 for the boxer brief, $44 for the boxer, and $38 for the brief.  While these are the best boxerbriefs I have ever worn, the price would prevent future purchases.  Second, the lack of a waistband will bother some guys I am sure.  Last, the care instructions are:  Cold Wash, Hang Dry.  This will deter some guys from purchase because having to wash your undies out in the sink and hang them to dry may not be the most convenient way of caring for your undies.


  • Fit
  • Style
  • Design
  • Fabric


  • Price
  • Care
  • Waistband (for some)
Fit 4
Materials 4
Construction 4
Look 4
Daily Wear 4


These were furnished by Naked and can be bought at the Naked Website for $42.


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