SLY Underwear, out of Australia, has the following information on their website:  “Born amidst a flamboyant and forward thinking youth culture on Australia’s eastern shores, Sly Underwear provides an alternative in male underwear for those wanting to look and feel good from the bottom up.”  After viewing their website, I would partially agree with their statement.  The styling consists of a boxerbrief (workhard), long-legged boxerbrief (playharder), and a pair of boxer shorts (resteasy) which all reflect the reticence of young men to wear anything but a boxerbrief-type pair of underwear.  The patterns/configurations are fun and up-to-date.  I partucularly like the workhard pair with the gun printed on the side.

The pair I road-tested is the Real McKoi playharder boxerbrief in black and gold.  This pair is 95% cotton and 5% elastane with a two-inch nylon/elastane waistband.  This is a very soft fabric combination with a stretchiness that provides a lot of support and comfort.  On the right trunk resides a gold koi fish that appears to be swimming upwards toward the torso when you have it on.  Integrated into the small pouch is what SLY calls a “fire exit” for the forward facing endowed human beings (That’s a “fly” to us Yanks!).  As mentioned, the actual pouch is rather small, but the fabric allows for stretch around your parts and it is the playharder boxerbrief meant for athletic activity.

I wore this pair of boxerbriefs for an entire day which included grocery shopping, teaching a college class, and a trip to the gym.  The boxerbrief was fine for normal wear to the grocery store and for teaching class.  Normally for the gym I wear a jock, but I decided to test out the playharder boxerbrief to see what would happen.  The brief was supportive and kept things in place during rigorous cardiovascular exercise.  The long legs were great and made for a very comfortable five miles.

Overall, this is a great pair of boxerbriefs.  I enjoyed the fabric and the fit.  The styling was spot-on and the design was modern.  The size large was true to size and very wearable.  On the negative side, I really do not like the two-inch waistband for everyday wear, but it could look nice peeking over the top of a pair of jeans.  Also, the brief says not to tumble dry it.  I think, for most men, that this may be a deterrent.  Having to wash the brief and hang it or lay it flat to dry may be too many steps to complete.


  • Fit
  • Design
  • Pattern
  • Fabric


  • Large waistband
  • Special washing and drying
Fit 4
Materials 4
Construction 4
Look 4
Daily Wear 3

These were furnsihed for review by Sly Underwear.


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