The Raider X G thong from N2N Bodywear is, at first glance, an interesting  thong.  The mesh look is very attractive, and the enhancing pouch does a great job “enhancing” (even if you don’t need any help with that).  The bright pink is a little bright, but I could see how it could be sexy.  If pink is not your thing, you at least have the ability to get the thong in white, black, or light blue.  The thong is an 86% nylon, 14% spandex blend which would be very comfortable if there were more slack in the thong part of the thong.

I decided to test-run the thong on a casual Friday at work (a desk job), which meant wearing them under a pair of jeans.  I managed half a work-day before I just had to take the thong off; it was that uncomfortable.  The fit in the waist was great, and I had no problem with the “enhancing” pouch.  The big problem was with the thong strap which loops under the butt.  It did not have enough slack to make wearing the thong for everyday wear all that comfortable.  At times the strap just tore into my but  and even made sitting very uncomfortable.  For short term use however, the Raider X G thong is a great thong with very sexy styling.


  • Sizing
  • Style
  • “Enhancing” pouch
  • Fabric blend



  • Bright pink color (minor since there are many colors to choose from)
  • Lack of slack in thong strap


Fit 2
Materials 5
Construction 3
Look 4
Daily Wear 2

*OUT of 5*


There were furnished by N2N Bodywear for review


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