I have been a fan of N2N for a few years now. They’re material and fabrication is always extremely quality, matched by a very comprehensive understanding of design. The whole brand has many facets (their sportier looks vs their loungewear…) but as a whole, they are always known for being comfortable, looking sexy, and feeling good about what you’re wearing.

This week I get to review the Cotton Pouch Boxer, I actually own 2 of these, one in an olive color, and the one I was sent for reviewing in white. The first thing you’ll notice is the texture. This is super soft cotton. It’s actually a 90% cotton 10% spandex blend, but all you feel is the heavenly cotton that practically put you in a state of serenity just upon wearing them.

The magic trait of the Cotton Pouch Boxer is the elastic sewn into the seam around the pouch. This creates a slight perch for which your genitals will hang down over. This creates a natural hanging but very full pouch in front. The waistband is sturdy but soft elastic to keep the underwear in place. Other than that, the underwear is very subtle in its wear, with no leg elastics, or tight thong-like seams in the back.

I find this underwear wears best in low-athleticism environments. They make great sleepwear, or undies to go under a loose pair of shorts for a nice stroll. I wouldn’t recommend these for running/working out at the gym. Because of the looseness/comfortable cut of the boxer, it can be slightly prone to bunch up at the leg holes. Not to be vulgar, but if it’s cold out, or you’re not a necessarily “hanging down” type of guy, because the pouch elastic border isn’t being anchored from behind (for example like a jock strap would be) you might have some slipping out occur. This doesn’t necessarily feel uncomfortable because the elastic isn’t tensions to an uncomfortable level, but the “presentation” might be thrown off a bit.

The price was fair at 19$ for this super soft pair, and the sizing is on point (as N2N always is), and it will really make you feel extra sexy.


FIT                              4.5

MATERIALS              5


LOOK                         4.5

DAILY WEAR           2.75

OVERALL                  4.05

This pair was furnished for review by N2N Bodywear


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