I was tweeting one day and Obviously replied and asked if I had a pair of their thongs. I told them that I didn’t and a few tweets later I am here reviewing their Low Rise Thong from the Chromatic Collection. It’s not everyday that a underwear manufacturer wants me to wear their thongs. It would be a a dream if every company asked me to wear their thong. So to the tweeter at Obviously: Thank You!

So flash forward to me getting my first pair from Obviously. A nice blue pair. As soon as I took the pair out of the plastic wrap I was surprised by how soft the fabric was. You often read online a description of the underwear fabric. Many times it says how soft the material is. When the underwear arrives in the mail you find out it’s as soft as cardboard. And then you wash it and it turns into a piece of starched felt. Giggle all you want but you know it’s true.

The design is basic but very well executed. The low rise waistband is a soft smooth elastic that fit me perfectly. No muffin top or residual elastic imprint after removing the garment. Isn’t that the worst? You feel sexy in a pair of underwear and then you take it off to see a red imprint in your skin. Some would say that I need to go up a size but if I did they would be too big. I wear my thongs to work out all the time and I hate when it’s time to get in the shower and have skin ripples cause of a tight thong. Obviously is so luxuriously soft and comfortable that it seems like it was tailored to my body. The thong consists of a pouch that is hemmed independently of the thong strap. Many brands include a thin piece of elastic in the pouch’s hemmed. This thong doesn’t have it and doesn’t need it. I felt very supported without feeling an elastic press against my skin. To our readers that have a large package you will be comforted to know that the elasticity and cut of the pouch will be very accommodating to your needs.

I actually had to do laundry before writing this review. I have reviewed several pairs that have pilled or started to fray after the initial washing. I was worried that the soft fabric would become generic blah. You have to understand that I am not into separating my clothes and special washing instructions for underwear ridiculous. It’s underwear. The laundry is just everything in the wash and dry it all together. Congrats goes to Obviously for passing my laziness laundry skills. If Obviously keeps up their craftsmanship for produced high quality underwear, I will be a fan for life.

If you are new to thongs or are a avid thong guy, I highly recommend Obviously as must have purchase for your collection.

Pros –
Great fabric
Super light
Fantastic cut

Con’s –
I only got one pair to review

Fit: 5
Materials: 5
Look: 5
Construction: 5
Daily Wear: 5

Overall: 5

This pair was furnished by Obviously and is available for $24.95 AUD at their site.


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