There has always been a market for fetish wear in the underwear community for men. Over the last few years I have noticed a new trend in designs. Functional underwear design and fetish wear design are merging together. The Modus Vivendi Denim Look Brief is an example of this trend and I was lucky enough to review it and have to admit that even though I wear mostly thongs there is nothing sexier than putting in a great brief. This sporty brief, part of Modus Vivendi’s Fishermen Collection, with a football pant inspired cross lace front is definitely a great addition to my underwear collection.

There is no denying the main design on this brief is to accent your crotch. Tie the cotton cords tight or leave it lose. The versatility of the look depends on how much you wanna show off. The lace ties are accented by a border of leather looking material. There is definitely a visual accent to the crotch by these vertical black accents. But there is more design that just peek a boo pubes. Keeping with the denim look of the briefs there is a cute plastic appliqué to the rear waistband that mimics the label on a pair of Levis.

The softness of fabric, made of 95% Vicose (Rayon) and 5% Elastan, provides a pleasurable experience to wear the garment all day.  Here is a tip: If you are gonna wear these briefs under your jeans all day then leave the ties loose. The leather look material rubs aggressively in your skin if the ties are tied tights. After sitting at my desk for a few hours I had to loosen the ties for more comfort. I also found the ties to be a little too long so I just cut a few inches off.

I had never worn a pair by this brand before. I have found that when an underwear brand markets itself to cater to the fetish community there tends to be a cheapness to the production value. The materials, design and finish of a garment for high quality fetish wear can really break your bank. This brief is fun, functional and is affordable.

If I were to continue with the rest of my review of this brief then we would need to post it on a more adult website. Let’s just say that the lace in the front got loose. Very loose. And I dont think I have more fun with a pair of briefs on. 🙂


  • Sexy design
  • Soft fabric
  • Looks great on


  • Leather like fabric abrasive on skin


  • Fit: 4
  • Materials: 5
  • Look: 5
  • Construction: 4.5
  • Daily Wear: 3
  • Overall: 4.3

This pair was furnished by Modus Vivendi  and is available for $32 at their site.


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