We are well into winter here in the Northeast. What better way to weather the two feet of snow we received in Boston last week than with a pair of long johns and a cashmere sweater! Much to my luck, two days before we were hit by the super storm, Nemo, I received a pair of Male Basics Microfiber Long Johns to take for a test run.

These long johns are made of a very soft microfiber fabric, which had a nice weight to it. They are fitted throughout the majority of the leg, with some extra room near the lower calves, where there is a cuff at the ankle. There is a grey seam down the front and back of each leg, as well as the center of the front and back. One thing I really enjoyed about these MaleBasics was the front pouch. I have had many pairs prior to this particular one, but non have supplied me with the right amount of support without wearing a pair of underwear underneath them; this pouch has a center seam, and provided a gentle lift to the ‘goods.’ They hugged the body without being too tight or too loose, and were perfect for lounging around the house, and running around the corner for a quick coffee fix during the storm. The only thing I was not satisfied with was the contrast seaming; while it highlighted my best ‘features,’ it was not consistent, and you could see where the stitching was too close, snagged or too spread out.

These microfiber long johns currently are available in black, and have a light grey contrast stitching and silver and black logo waistband. The tags on the interior of the waistband are soft and sewn into the band, as to not cause irritation to the lower back. The fabric, made of 78% nylon and 12% spandex, also held its shape and elasticity following a few wears around the house and under a pair of jeans during the blizzard.


  • super soft
  • great fit
  • low rise


  • Inconsistent stitching


  • Fit – 4.5
  • Materials – 4.5
  • Construction – 3.5
  • Look – 4.5
  • Daily Wear – 4.5
  • OVERALL – 4.3

*OUT of 5*

This pair was furnished by MaleBasics and is available for $45.00 at their site.


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