2(X)ist has just released their new prints! The one pictured is one of my favorites I have seen from them and this collection. That pair is the Bandana print. The waistband is solid but the main body is like a bandana. It comes in both red or blue. They also have a no-show brief and no-show trunk. To me it’s a really great pattern they are using on both. Its so much fun.

The other prints in the line are Southwest, Zig-Zag and Square. The best thing about this line is if you don’t like a print like the Bandana, the Southwest and Zig-Zag both have a patterned waistband rather and solid color fabric. So you get a touch of print without going to crazy.

If you want to go the other way check out the square pattern which is fun print where the pattern is made out of squares. It looks really cool up close. It’s definitely a different print that you haven’t seen in underwear before.

Like the Bandana line each one has a No-Show Brief and No-Show Trunk. The brief retails for $18 and trunk is $24


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