I thought N2N Bodywear came out with a huge line already but now the have released a line of  Jammer in 17 HOT prints. I went to the N2N site to look something up and this was on the front page and was like “wait a minute.” To say I was shocked is an understatement. Let’s talk about making swimwear. I am familiar when a company does limited edition suits to do 2-4 but not 17. Some of these fabrics may look familiar to me. Making 2-5 pairs is one thing but doing it for 17 takes a lot more time.. I think N2N has out done themselves.

If you’re not familiar Jammers, they are similar to bike shorts. If you watch the Olympics, Jammers are the suits that the swimmers are now wearing. These N2N Jammers  are made with a front inside drawcord, without a liner and  out of a 83% nylon 17% spandex material. All pairs retail for $30! Below is a picture of some of the pairs but below the fold we will have all the pics. Find these and more at http://www.n2nbodywear.com


See all the pics below

N2N Bodywear Rio JammerN2N Bodywear Surf-rider Jammer N2N Bodywear Tropic Jammer black N2N Bodywear Tropics Jammer Blue N2N Bodywear Dolphin Jammer Pink N2N Bodywear Dolphin Jammer Purple N2N Bodywear Dolphin Jammer Blue N2N Bodywear Corona Jammer N2N Bodywear Splash Jammer Black N2N Bodywear Splash Jammer Brown N2N Bodywear Venice Jammer N2N Bodywear Comet Jammer YellowN2N Bodywear Comet Jammer Red N2N Bodywear Zen Jammer Blue N2N Bodywear Geo Jammer Black N2N Bodywear Geo Jammer Blue


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