I was really excited to have the opportunity to review the 2xist SAIL  Sculpted Brief. It’s a pair I’ve had my eye on for some time (thanks, Tim!). The SAIL collection was introduced as part of 2xist’s Spring 2013 line and features what has become standard fare for the label: a brief, a trunk, and a tank top. The pair I am reviewing (that’s me in the photo above) is the “Lake Blue” color option from the line, which features several other colors combinations. The first two things I noticed when I got it out of the box was 1.) how soft the cotton was and 2.) that the cut of this brief is much more traditional than most of the images of them suggested.

After putting them on initially, I knew I’d be giving them a great review. The sizing and fit is exactly what you would expect from 2xist. My 36″ waist fit comfortably into the L (36-38) and as always I suggest that if you are in between sizes on the size chart (31, 35, 39) that you drop down a size. Once you get them on you really appreciate how soft this cotton is. 2xist calls it their “Soft-Fle(X)” cotton which is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. While this brief comes from a featured line, it really could be marketed as everyday underwear given how comfortable it is.

The key feature to this brief is the way it has been constructed. The brief features a large, logo waistband which is incredibly soft both on the inside and outside, while I am not a huge fan of humongous logos on my waistband I don’t take much of an issue with the “2(X)IST” that is plastered on the front of the waistband on these briefs. The prominent feature on these briefs in terms of how it fits, is put together and the overall styling has to be the much larger-than-average leg bindings which are tapered to visually enhance your man-parts. The leg bindings are the same soft cotton covering spandex that lay flat on your legs for a really comfortable fit. I am not sure how much they enhance the contour pouch in reality, especially if you’ve got bigger/muscular thigh muscles.

In terms of how they look, I was expecting them to look a bit different than they do once I got them on. The taper in the leg bindings seem to create the look that these are more of a “bikini” or modern cut brief, but in actuality they are very much a traditional cut brief, with quite a bit of fabric between the waistband and the highest point of the leg openings. While I prefer a more modern cut in briefs, the functionality of the tapered leg bindings certainly make them feel like a modern brief especially when sitting down.

Overall, the fit of the 2xist Sail brief is fantastic. They can be worn for just about any occasion, but I would say that the cotton is fairly thin so I won’t be using these briefs for any strenuous activities or workouts. I really like the look and while the contour pouch could be slightly larger for me, for most men there will be ample room.

These 2xist SAIL sculpted briefs retail for $24 but with several 25% off sales for major brands, you can typically find them for a much more reasonable $18.

If you have any questions about the SAIL Sculpted Brief, or general questions for me,  you can get a hold of me on Twitter, @UNBBrandon 














  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Great styling
  • Innovative construction


  • I really can’t find any 


  • Daily Fit – A
  • Sizing – A
  • Construction/Materials – A
  • Styling – A
  • Daily Performance – A
  • Overall – A



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