The pair of underwear I am reviewing is the Baskit Simple Trunk in Deep Red.  The red fabric isn’t really a deep red.  The coloring is more of a reddish pink with more of a red tone.  The trunk has a contrasting purplish waistband and piping along the seams.  The Baskit logo is sewn into the waistband and sits centered above the front pieced pouch.  The waistband has a metallic sheen to it.

After trying them on, the waistband is comfortable at nearly two inches in width.  The slight pouch was conforming and defining with a nice wide stitch running the length of the pouch from the waistband to the crotch.  While this is a trunk, it felt more like a boxer brief with the length of the legs.  It seems like most companies are not in agreement as to what defines a trunk and in this case I suppose the lack of a fly front is the defining factor.  The trunk was pieced together in multiple pieces to create the pouch and rear to provide a better fit and make it more conforming.

The pouch seems to pull the goods up and push everything forward.  This trunk comes in several colors (yellow, red, peppermint, blue white) that most anyone would enjoy.  This is my fourth or fifth pair of Baskit underwear and I highly recommend them for anyone.  Baskit generally runs a special on Tuesday with items for 10$ or less.  Just visit their website and look at the current specials.

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While wearing this pair of trunks, I went shopping over a five hour period with lots of walking, bending, and shopping for home decor.  After all of that shopping, I taught class that evening.  It was a typical day for most guys.  The pair fit well, looked good, did not bunch up, and did not ride up.  This pair of underwear would be good for a night out on the town or everyday wear.  I would consider wearing it as workout wear, as well, even though it is cotton and I tend to prefer something light and airy for my workout gear.

I received a size large in this trunk.  This size should cover a 34-36 pant size.  Sizing was true to size as I am a large in the vast majority of underwear.  The company tells you that the L is a 34-36” size.  This pair can be found for around 22$ on most websites.

I enjoyed the color combination, the metallic purplish waistband, the purplish contrasting piping around the legs and highlighting the pouch, the front seam, and the way the pouch fit.  96% Cotton and 4% Elastane fabric combination makes this a stretchy and conforming pair of underwear that I enjoyed.  The rear seam was another part of the trunk that I enjoyed as it showed off the assets.  This boxer had nothing major about it that I could complain about.  I did find that the coloring was not really deep red, but that’s not a major issue as it looks just like the color the Baskit website shows as deep red.

Overall, this was a nice pair of underwear and I felt comfortable while wearing them.  The design is conforming to the body and creates a nice profile from the front and the rear.  I enjoyed this trunk and look forward to wearing it again.


  • Style
  • Fabric
  • Color Combination


  • None


  • Daily Fit – 9
  • Sizing – 9
  • Construction/Materials – 10
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Performance – 9
  • Overall – 9.2

Baskit furnished these for review.


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