undies-change2So I was sitting at my desk the other day thinking about how men’s underwear has changed so much since I have joined this site back in 2008. From cuts and styles, to colors and brands, the men’s underwear industry has been turned up-side-down in the last 5 years. So, I decided to start a conversation with the readers of UNB and see what matters to you when it comes to choosing just the right pair of undies.

For me, style is where it starts. I know what cuts I like (there aren’t many that I don’t) and what looks good on me. I think this is something that ranks at the top of the list of important things for most guys. There is nothing worse than getting a pair of undies that you don’t feel comfortable in. If they don’t provide enough coverage, or too much coverage, it can really make or break a guy’s take on a pair of undies.

From there, I look at color. I know most guys don’t really care about the color or what the underwear looks like, but this is a big one for me. I match a lot of my undies with my mood and personality. Having some fun and frisky pairs can help enhance your mode, whatever that might be. I can honestly say that my underwear drawer is a direct reflection of my personality. I think that is what a lot of guy’s strive for, but most don’t. Break out of the white, grey and black colors of the past and add a little color!

Fit and Fabric are also up there on my list. I have a wide range of fits and fabrics and it really does make a good pair of underwear. Some guys miss the mark with this however. For example. I have a friend that was just getting into undies. He wanted to get a jockstrap to wear to the gym. He ordered one, and when it come it was mesh and see through and not a jock that would be apocopate for the gym AT ALL. He bought a jock he thought was colorful and thought he would wear it. He still does but just not to the gym. Lesson being, know what you want and when you are going to wear it. The more versatile the better in my book.

The last things on my list is brand.  For me a brand name doesn’t say much for me. Of course I have my favorite brands, but they are my favorite not because they have spent tons of money on marketing, but because they meet my list of expectations. Surprisingly some of my favorite pairs of undies are from brands that aren’t mainstream. I think a lot of guys miss out on opportunities to try great undies because they get tied into the marketing.

So what is important to you when it comes to buying your undies? What things to do take into consideration before you checkout? If you aren’t sure, make a list… it doesn’t have to be a physical, write it on a piece of paper list, but think about what is important to you when it comes to find that perfect pair of undies, and stick to it. Everyone’s list will be a little different, but that is why everyone’s underwear drawer is different. We are all unique and I think underwear should be a direct reflection of that.

Feel free to leave your list in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!


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