unb-staff-picks-thongsWho says men can’t or shouldn’t wear thong underwear?  Not us.  In today’s trendy underwear world, more and more guys are experimenting with thong underwear.  Whether it’s for comfort, to hide lines in tight clothing, or just to try out out something new, the stigma of a man wearing a thong has gone by the wayside.  Here are a few of our staff favorites.  What’s yours?

 X1702-00101 Alex

2(x)ist Sliq Y-back Thong – I don’t always wear thongs, but when I do I wear the 2xist Y-back thong. The masculine combination of the jockstrap and the thong mixed with the soft fabric creates the perfect thong. It is comfortable enough for all day wear without being super distracting.

 PX2-12-A Joe

Picked N2N thongs as his favorite. – I am a big fan of the n2nthongs. Their pouches are well shaped and fit great. I like a nice thick waistband too so it stays put! Plus the fabric is sporty but sexy.

X1002-10001 John

Also picked a thong from 2(x)ist – the Essential Thong. – I will be the first to admit that I haven’t always been a fan of thongs, but I think a lot of guys have a pre-conceived notion around the idea of wearing a thong. To that I say… GET OVER IT!  I have been wearing thongs pretty regularly for the last couple of years.  I can say that their is certainly a time and a place to wear them, and it doesn’t include the gym! They really can be comfortable and can make you feel pretty sexy as well.

My favorite thong is from 2(x)ist. It is their Essential Thong. I have it both Black and White and it looks amazing in both colors. What I like about this thong is that it has a “Y” back to it. I have a few “Y” back thongs and it really is a style that I prefer when I buy a thong.  For me it helps eliminate the “wedgie” feeling that most guys don’t like about wearing them. the fabric is awesome and the pouch fits amazing! I also like the fact that the “thong” piece isn’t real thick and it is rolled cotton which makes it soft and doesn’t make it feel like you have a big bunch of fabric riding up your bum.

thong03black1_2 Tim M.

Picked the Joe Snyder thong. –  I love the Joe Snyder thong.  True to form, it has an ergonomically designed pouch that lifts you.  And the spandex lycra blend is a super sexy fabric that will make any guy feel hot.   And for those adventurous guys it can even double as a bathing suit.



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