valentines0guideWe changed it up and have divided up our 2014 Guide. We didn’t shoot this one but rather picked some great pairs for you guys. It’s divided up into classic, mild and wild! We hope you enjoy.

Classic Style – Perfect for Date nights:

A date night some guys want to go more classic rather then over the top. Not every guy wants to be sporting mesh or a thong. Which remember it takes all kinds. These guys like to have something that is very comfortable and has classic styling.  That doesn’t mean you can’t have some great colors, it doesn’t have to be black or white. You can mix fabric, waistband and trim colors and still remain “classic”. For Valentines day we recommend black or Red as the two colors to focus on. If possible mix the two the combination of the two just pop!

2(X)ist Love Briefs2xist Love Contour Brief (Black) – $18.00 – Black underwear is always sexy and this pair with the red waistband is amazing and would look great under a pants or a suit. The red waistband just sets it off really nicely.

Go Softwear Pop TruknGo Softwear Pop Mod Trunk (Red) $23.00 – I have to remember not all guys love briefs but this pair from Go Softwear is a red color and style. Classic yet definitely not plain

CR7 Luxury BriefCR7 Luxury Brief (Red)- $30.00 – For those fellow brief guys who want something fun but still want great coverage the CR7 brief would be perfect. The luxury brief is a full cut brief with a pouch design.  Made out of Pima cotton

Baskit Contrast Boxer BriefBaskit Contour Boxer Brief (red) – $23.00 – This is the pair for the guy who loves boxer briefs. The Contrast line has a bright main color with a great contrasting waistband and trim. Made out of cotton elastine blend

Fun Night out – For the guy who wants something a little wilder

If you’re not a classic guy you want to show a little more skin, show off a bit more of the bulge or just want to surprise your partner after a romantic dinner we have some for you. These are some that I personally love, and have worn on dates before so I know what I’m talking about! Those will definitely leave an impression on your partner after the date is done!

Cocksox CX01 Brief
Cocksox CX01 (Red) – $24.00 – One of my favorites. The red is perfect for Valentines day. The great pouch shows off what you have under your pants so you will be showing off just a bit in your pants. The bikini fit is amazingly comfy and will be awesome through dinner. Picture from International Jock. Buy through them or Cocksox

Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thongt_producto_371_665

Joe Snyder Pride Fram Thong (Red) – $24.00 – This is for the guy who’s ready to step up and wear something super fun and skimpy. The black trim does what it’s intended too, frame your pride. The pouch in these are bigger then other Joe Snyder, so it will be able to show off what you have!

Gregg Homme Booty BriefGregg Homme Booty (Red) – $42.00 – I know not everyone wants to show off their pouch, some were blessed with the bubble butt. I was not but the Booty Briefs are great for the guy with a great butt. It has the full front but the fabric straps in the back. Our very own Bryce loved these.

1-15-14-peekAndrew Christian Valentines Peek-a-Boo Brief (as Shown)- $24 – This pair was one that was made just for Valentines’s day from Andrew Christian. The pouch of this pair flips open. Yes you heard right. The pouch is not attached the bottom of the pair and allows for easy access. The pair is definitely made for Valentines; silver waistband, pink trim and red pouch/back panels.

Walk on the Wild Side – For the bold and those who want to show it all off

We have many readers who love what is termed fetish wear. You know the super hot, skimpy and leaves very little to the imagination. No mater gay/straight these will be pairs your partner will remember for a long time to come! It’s super fun and not for the shy guy. I imagine many of our readers wearing this under their suits to dinner then coming home for a romantic night and having the underwear be a topic of conversation! Or you could just answer the door in these and skip the date and get right to dessert

Candyman Gladiator
Candyman Gladiator (As shown)- $40 – The bedroom should be fun and the use of costumes is nothing new. Candyman is known for their fun underwear costumes. One that is timely now is the Gladiator costume. You could role play two of the most recent gladiator themed shows, Hercules or Spartacus!

PQ7-7 (2)PetitQ C-string (Black PVC)- $16 – We have profiled this before but it’s really fun. I could see many readers having their partner come in be laying on the sofa in the C-string with a  rose. The C-String is just a pouch, it’s the least amount of underwear you can wear. Available in Solid, lace and PVC fabrics. Don’t worry you can be active and it will still stay one, well for as long as you want it too!


Cellblock13 Renegade Pant Jock (White)- $68.00 – Not all eroticwear has to be skimpy. The Cellblock 13 Renegade Pant Jock is styled similar to a football pants so you have the sports gear fetish with the jock back.

AM876_FV_V13Andres Velasco – Leopard Print Mesh Body Suit – $39.00 – If you’re staying in for Valentines day the Leopard Print Mesh Bodysuit would be a fun one to enjoy with your partner. This pair has a great pouch made out of the leopard print framed by black that will show off your manhood. It will be as much fun to take off as it was to put on.

These are only a few pairs there are hundreds more. We hope you will buy some of these or it will spark your own ideas for amazing valentines underwear. There was something for everyone in this guide. We have a few more posts this week about Valentines underwear. If you are ordering online make sure you place an order this week to ensure that you get them in plenty of time for Valentines Day. Online stores will sell out! So don’t wait.

If you think there is a pair we should include let us know. Post a comment with a link or email us and we’ll let you guys know!

try-something-newI was talking on Twitter (if you’re on Twitter follow me @unbtim) and talking to someone who loves briefs/bikinis and he is doing a month long challenge to wear Boxer briefs. His challenger is doing the reverse boxer briefs to bikinis! Speaking from experience as a briefs guy, having to wear Boxer Briefs for for a week would drive me nuts. I do have boxer briefs, like Mundo Unico, Trunks from N2N, ones with great pouches. So I’m not totally anti-boxer brief, but doing it for a month would be a bit much for me.

Now I”m not saying to try something for an entire month. I reward the conviction for trying something new for a month, but I say start small. Some things you might consider trying that you have never worn before. The prime example of this is Jon on our site asked me for a thong to try. He has never worn one and wants to try out a good one. We will be getting him one to try and review soon. It makes me wonder if he will wear to the gym?

My biggest challenge was when I had to review a boxer for Hamilton & Hare. I knew no one on the site would want to do it. I would picture me asking the guys and have silence and nothing but crickets in the background. So I took one for the team. I hadn’t worn boxers in prob 15 years or more. And then it was a rare occurrence. I think I could count on one hand how many times I wore them under pants. After trying those they were pretty good. I but I won’t say i wear them all the time but I have lounged around in them many times.

If you’re up for trying something on the wild side we have a brands we can recommend:

  • Gregg Homme – It’s pricy but extremely well made and will last. It’s sexy underwear made to wear all day from thongs to sheer!
  • Cellblock13 – It’s a fun fetish line from Timoteo and will bring your wild side out. Find Jocks, jock briefs and Jock Boxers
  • N2N Bodywear – Has amazing pouches and plenty of thongs, jocks and more that are made to show off your goods
  • Modus Vivendi – Taking their Greek Heritage and making really fun and different underwear, if you want fun and funky this is for you
  • PetitQ – This is for the bold guy who says what the hell, just let it all hang out! Made super small and leaves little to the imagination

Say you’re a guy who has the wild part covered and want to try something with a classic cut:

  • Baskit – Makes great classic underwear that fits amazing in many different styles from boxer briefs to jocks.
  • Mack Wheldon – They focus on briefs and boxer briefs currently with great materials.
  • 2(X)ist – A classic underwear company that has some really strong core basics in their line up that you won’t be disappointed you bought
  • C-IN2 – Another classic company that has never had great fun undies but also super classic you can wear anywhere.

The wild brands are easier to come up with then Classic. Plus I think more guys would go from classic to wild!

This year we are going to challenge you guys to step out of your box and try new things.


I wish I could say I slaved over the computer and combed through hundreds of sites to get this, but I didn’t. I got this from one of our amazing readers Andy. He helped me on the Endowed Guy post and he had a few pairs in mind when I emailed a few people and then came up with this amazing post. I told him I’m running it in its entirety and he’s getting full credit! I couldn’t do this post cause I don’t have a bubble butt and never experienced this problem.  Here is his post:

Stick to briefs and selected boxer briefs. For briefs, look at C-IN2, 2XIST, and Andrew Christian.

Read about the pairs we suggest for the bubble butt guy


Jocks have been huge the last few years and they aren’t going anywhere! Each year more and more guys discover the joys of wearing a jock under a suit! If you haven’t tried it I highly suggest you do it. Nothing makes a suit more fun then a jock! I remember Bakit telling us that their Pink Jock, guys wrote in saying they loved wearing it under their suit.

Back in 2009/2010 was the biggest years for jocks. I wondered if it was going to be a fad but each year more and more brand do jocks. Not just ones for sports but for fashion now. We have pulled together a great mix of Jocks for you to get your guy to try for the first time or grow his collection. Read our selections below:


’Tis the season…and all that jazz.  The holiday season is in full swing.  Did you take advantage of the great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on underwear?  Well even if you didn’t, there’s still time to get new underwear before we hit 2014.   So in the spirit of the holidays, our staff has picked their favorite pairs that put them in the holiday spirit.

Read the full list below:

 hero-1 New Swimwear is out from 2(X)ist. Shop the Swim Collection at 2XIST.com!
 13-11-16-holidayfirstlook_12  Save 25% off your purchase of $100 or more. Use code save25 at check out. Ends Nov 24thShop at: http://www.mensunderwearstore.com
 free-shipping-november2013  For the next week, until Wednesday, November 27th, if your order is $25 or more, Jockstrap Central is offering free U.S. shipping and discounted shipping everywhere else. Here’s the details:Free U.S. Shipping

It couldn’t be easier, just browse Jockstrap Central’s collection of jockstraps, underwear, wrestling singlets, shorts and more. When you’re ready, place your order and if your product total is $25 or more, you’ll be offered a free shipping option during checkout.

Discounted Worldwide Shipping

If your product total is $25 or more and you’re not in the U.S. you’ll be offered a discounted shipping option. The discount is based on 10% of your product total. Spend $50, get $5.00 off the cost of shipping. Spend $100, get $10.00 off the cost of shipping and so on.”

Shop at: http://www.jockstrapcentral.com

 11-18-13-3 Andrew Christian wants you to werq it. They want you to do it with the new Werqin Brief with Show-it Tech. The breif is $22.43.Shop at: http://www.andrewchristian.com

Sales Briefs contains affiliate sales links

PicFrame 3

We have teamed up with Mensunderwearstore to bring you some of the hottest underwear in the US. Its always great to hear form a retailer whats really going well and is hot!


2XIST 3-pack No-Show Brief
Everybody loves multi-packs. With 2(X)IST’s 100% cotton No Show Briefs in 3-packs, you can have the comfort, style and edge of hot basics in tons of colors and an updated brief style. These give you great variety – and at a great price.


Naked Cotton Modal Trunk
Comfortable underwear should feel like it’s not even there – that’s the theory behind Naked’s designs. The NKD Cotton Modal trunk combines an even mix of cotton (for the soft feel every guy loves) and modal (which brings luxury and a more sleek feel into the picture). The NKD trunk will give you a body-hugging silhouette and  an incredibly cozy fit.


2XIST Pro Sliq Brief
These are one of our hottest items this month. The 2(X)IST Pro Sliq Brief has a little something for everybody with the bold neon yellow, the black and navy neutrals and the high-tech “lazer” prints. These come in a nylon-spandex blend, so they’re silky smooth and stretchy.

Emporio Armani Basic Stretch Modal Trunk
These are the epitome of luxury. Emporio Armani’s modal line is one of the sleekest on the market. With these, you’ll have the trademark body-contouring fit and classic look for which Emporio Armani is renowned. Wear them for a hot date, a classy event or for everyday wear – these upscale basics are everything you’ll want and need in a trunk.


Diesel Stripes Multi-Color Briefs
We love a good print – and Diesel’s Stripes Multi-Color collection hits the mark. The super modern stripes pattern is contoured by hems in different colors, which make these pop even more. They’re cozy briefs in soft cotton with a tiny bit of elastane blended in, so they stretch to fit your body. Diesel loves it when its wearers dare to “be bold.” These briefs do just that.


CK Bold Micro Low-Rise Trunk
It wouldn’t be a “What’s Hot” without including the newest Calvin Klein. The Micro Low-Rise Trunk modernizes the traditional CK style, and the details are in the contour lines: a rounded contour pouch with connecting hems from along the sides of the front panel to the bottom-front of the trunks. We love the rich colors these come in – Aegean sea (teal), deep orchid (dark purple) and Nuvo (the deep lavender shade) – and the microfiber blend feels so soft on the skin.

2xist-prints2(X)ist is back with a refresh of the Print collection. The print we are profiling is the Splash print. The reason is I think it’s great that 2(X)ist takes risks on the prints. They could do stripes, lines and such, but they always have something fun and different. In the previous refresh they used a bandana print which I really loved!

2(X)ist has a lot planned this year and in the coming months. This is only a small portion of what is to come!

About the Pair

  • Available in  No-Show Brief or Trunk
  • Fabric – Soft-Fle(X) Cotton: 2(X)IST’s soft stretch cotton blend (95% Cotton / 5% Spandex)
  • Colors – Blueprint, purple heart and ski patrol
  • Hast matching Repeat 2(X)IST logo waistband
  • Cost – Brief is $18 and Trunk $24

Find these and more at 2(X)ist website!


 home_large  Universal Gear is having 25% off All underwear until the 25th! Make sure you check out some of the great pairs on sale.

Shop at: http://www.universalgear.com

 CK-last-chance_12 Men’s Underwear Store is having 25% off the entire CK collection.

Shop at: http://www.mensunderwearstore.com

 1374130_10151992367794744_92537903_n Fan of 2(X)ist. Check out the Pro No Show Turnk

Shop the PRO Collection at 2XIST.com!

 h1_02-2  Want to save 15% off your entire order? Till 10/11 you can at UnderGear.

Shop at: http://www.undergear.com

 doreanse_01.2  Dead Good Undies has a sale on Doreanse Underwear. This has underwear and t-shirts from under £5.

Shop at: http://www.deadgoodundies.com

Color to me is one of the most important things in underwear. It allows us to show our personality, even when we have to wear a uniform or suit to work. It adds a personal level to the underwear we wear. We know this because we have heard from you guys that you wear your navy suit to work and a pink jock or purple brief under your suit pants.

Are there any colors off limits in men’s underwear? We may have our own personal limits but companies make underwear in every color of the rainbow. We thought we would share 5 pairs with great color on the market now!


Zylas 3063 Long Boxer Brief – Orange – Find at a retailer near you or online


Supa-Fly Jockstrap Berries – Purple  – $20.00 – Find at http://www.supawaer.com


Andrew Chirstian Almost Naked Tagless Brief – Fuchsia – $13.96 – Find at http://www.andrewchristian.com


2(X)ist Sliq Mesh Brief – Red – $26.00 – Find at http://www.2xist.com


Timoteo Pop Out Soccer Jock – Green – $30.00 – Find at http://www.timoteo.net

41Let us know what some of your favorite cuts and colors are, and from what brand you love best!

2xist-new-chevron-collectionLast week we brought you the new Silq Mesh collection. This week 2(X)ist released the new Chevron Collection. Tis the season for new undies, and we’re glad to see some really great ones from 2(X)ist. 2(X)ist has made some underwear that we here at UNB can’t wait to get our hands on. A few guys have already ordered the Sliq and I’m sure these will be next!

The Chevron collection is is available in a No Show Brief, Trunk and a jock. The brief and Trunk have the chevron design on the hip. Where as the jock has the design on the pouch, making accent what you have. Made out of Soft-Fle(X) Cotton: 2(X)IST’s soft stretch Cotton blend (90% Cotton / 10% Spandex)

The colors are really fun in this new collection. The colors are: Black, White, Acai Purple, Turquoise, Fiery Red and Fluorescent. Each color combination is bright with matching accent colors. The waistband ties into the over all cover theme with a banded 2(X)ist logo on the front.

These were just released and are at the 2(X)ist site and some of your favorite retailers.




unb-staff-picks-thongsWho says men can’t or shouldn’t wear thong underwear?  Not us.  In today’s trendy underwear world, more and more guys are experimenting with thong underwear.  Whether it’s for comfort, to hide lines in tight clothing, or just to try out out something new, the stigma of a man wearing a thong has gone by the wayside.  Here are a few of our staff favorites.  What’s yours?

 X1702-00101 Alex

2(x)ist Sliq Y-back Thong – I don’t always wear thongs, but when I do I wear the 2xist Y-back thong. The masculine combination of the jockstrap and the thong mixed with the soft fabric creates the perfect thong. It is comfortable enough for all day wear without being super distracting.

 PX2-12-A Joe

Picked N2N thongs as his favorite. – I am a big fan of the n2nthongs. Their pouches are well shaped and fit great. I like a nice thick waistband too so it stays put! Plus the fabric is sporty but sexy.

X1002-10001 John

Also picked a thong from 2(x)ist – the Essential Thong. – I will be the first to admit that I haven’t always been a fan of thongs, but I think a lot of guys have a pre-conceived notion around the idea of wearing a thong. To that I say… GET OVER IT!  I have been wearing thongs pretty regularly for the last couple of years.  I can say that their is certainly a time and a place to wear them, and it doesn’t include the gym! They really can be comfortable and can make you feel pretty sexy as well.

My favorite thong is from 2(x)ist. It is their Essential Thong. I have it both Black and White and it looks amazing in both colors. What I like about this thong is that it has a “Y” back to it. I have a few “Y” back thongs and it really is a style that I prefer when I buy a thong.  For me it helps eliminate the “wedgie” feeling that most guys don’t like about wearing them. the fabric is awesome and the pouch fits amazing! I also like the fact that the “thong” piece isn’t real thick and it is rolled cotton which makes it soft and doesn’t make it feel like you have a big bunch of fabric riding up your bum.

thong03black1_2 Tim M.

Picked the Joe Snyder thong. –  I love the Joe Snyder thong.  True to form, it has an ergonomically designed pouch that lifts you.  And the spandex lycra blend is a super sexy fabric that will make any guy feel hot.   And for those adventurous guys it can even double as a bathing suit.


It’s almost assured that if you’re reading this, you know all about the Jockstrap-how it’s typically made, what it’s basic purpose is, etc. For those that may not, a jockstrap is an undergarment that both covers and supports the male package while simultaneously leaving your behind exposed to the world, or the backside of your shorts and pants. The long story on Jockstraps is that they were invented by a guy who started Bike and the brand’s jockstraps are made very similar to how they were made over 100 years ago. We’ve come a long way since then, and thank heavens for that.

For those of you that haven’t read my evolution into the world of men’s designer underwear, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I have to evolve when it came to the typical understanding of what a jockstrap is good for. It wasn’t until I got into underwear in the first place that I decided to purchase my first jockstrap. I was doing rigorous circuit training and my trunks just weren’t cutting it in the support department. I opted for the traditional and safe Papi 3-Pack Cotton Jockstraps and thought that’d be the end of my journey. After those passed their sell-by date, my underwear evolution was well under way, and I wanted to keep with the traditional, but seeing all of what I just refer to as “Fashion Jocks” I snapped up some of the 2(x)ist All-Star Jocks as well as some Go Softwear Cotton Lycra Jockstraps. For the most part, I was happy. Not only was I getting the practical support a jock offered me, the nice colors provided an added boost to my self-esteem.

It wasn’t until I decided to start blogging about my underwear collection, and visiting sites like the brilliant Underwear News Briefs and some of the other friendly underwear bloggers’ sites that I discovered that men were actually wearing Fashion Jocks under there everyday clothing. While that should have been more than obvious to me at that point, I am a slow-to-school straight guy, so bare with me. I tried to join the trend back in March, wearing one of my Go Softwear jocks to work and it wasn’t the greatest experience. The thick cotton, that is great for comfortable and supportive workouts quickly became swampy and cramped. I came home, dying to get my jockstrap off, and was resigned to the fact that I just wouldn’t be a jockstrap guy.

A few weeks passed, and as I started showing off my underwear collection, the fact that I didn’t wear jockstraps as daily wear was a negative in two ways. Primarily, it was locking me out of reaching more of you guys (our invaluable followers and fans), but second, (which was an eventual realization) I was missing out on one of the best styles of men’s designer underwear out there! However, I remained frustrated. I wanted to try some more “wearable” fashion jocks, but for the most part, the ones that I was attracted to shaped up to be similar to the ones I already had, fearing they’d fit the same and cause similar problems.

And then, came my “Ah Ha!” moment…

Not long after my failed attempt, I discovered what is perhaps the most brilliant (and in my opinion best) fabric in men’s underwear design today, “Rayon”. A pair of Obviously for Men briefs (which I wore yesterday) introduced me to the fabric’s magical qualities and I was hooked. It didn’t take long for me to put two and two together. Obviously made jockstraps with rayon, and knowing how soft, form-fitting (I’ll discuss this, later) comfortable and most importantly, breathable the fabric was, I decided to try one. Once I got it on, I was in heaven. After wearing it for the day, I finally realized what I had been (knowingly) missing-I knew why so many men loved this style as everyday wear.

I had found the perfect style of underwear for me, and needless to say, I became obsessed. My jock collection exploded and continues to grow when new rayon jocks hit the market that I cannot live without. A jockstrap made with rayon, is the Jockstrap, done right. For those of you who do not know, Rayon is a fabric made from cellulose fibers of bamboo. It’s incredibly soft, and while not the most moisture-wicking, it is still near the top, but what makes it most comfortable is the fabric’s elasticity. While there are several jockstraps on the market that use similar fabrics to rayon, I am convinced that the Jockstrap is at its best when the pouch is made of the stuff.

What we know about all underwear made from rayon, is that it allows your package to sit in its most natural state, hanging away from your body and in front of your legs. While some men may argue that this feature doesn’t give them the support they’re looking for, I disagree. For those of us working 8-12 hour days, a jockstrap with a rayon pouch is the penultimate in all-day comfort because it’s doing the job all underwear sets out to do, but does so in the best way, performing the task without so much as a little reminder of what it’s doing.

While the rayon jockstrap provides excellent support, I think its best part is the fabric’s body-hugging fit. When laying on the bed, it doesn’t appear that there is much to a rayon jockstrap pouch. The pouch seems much smaller than you would think it needs to be, but that couldn’t be further from the truth once you get it on. As soon as you’ve got your package secured into the pouch, the greatest thing happens, you’re done for the day. The fabric molds to whatever natural changes might occur to your package during the day. What I love about rayon in general is that for men like me, who are just slightly above-average between their legs, no fabric on the market does a better job in supporting us without ever cramping our natural “hang.”

Rayon is an expensive fabric, and for companies that produce huge quantity, it’s gets expensive to sell. In addition, its production costs typically mean that rayon fabrics will tend to be monochromatic. Most men prefer cotton jock straps because they come in the widest varieties of colors and styles, and do not get me wrong, this wholehearted endorsement of the rayon jockstrap is not in any way a slam on those designs or designers who do not produce them. A non-rayon design I favor is C-IN2 and their jock design. It has an excellent pouch that is very deep in its contour. Another great designer, N2N Bodywear makes jocks in just about all of the commonly used fabrics in men’s underwear design.

If you are like me, and are either afraid to start wearing jocks as daily wear, or have yet to find one you really feel comfortable enough in to wear for several consecutive hours in a day, I firmly believe the answer lies in the jockstraps that feature rayon as the fabric in the pouch design. I guarantee it will provide unparalleled fit and comfort and will reshape how you once viewed the jockstrap. It’s a design that truly is the Jockstrap, done right.

Red 2xist Evolve

It’s not often that I try new brands of underwear I find in a department store. Most times I have done this, I have been let down as soon as I pull them into place. The problem I find is that the crotch was not taken into account by the designer. Did the designer want this new brand to be in the adult men’s section of the store? After finding this to be true on numerous occasions, I stopped wasting my money on uninformed decisions.

This past week, I wondered into a local Target. As with all stores I enter with men’s clothing, I found my way to their underwear section for some enlightenment…or should I say, heightening of blood pressure. I found the usual brands carried by such stores, but after roaming for a few seconds, I found a new brand. I walked over with my Elvis lip in place, expecting to be disgusted by another futile attempt to make a comfortable design of underwear. I looked over the model and became intrigued. I read the package, finding these briefs were named Evolve. In smaller letters, it said “by 2xist.” An employee in this department almost had the joy of picking me off the floor. A 2xist product was hanging on a peg in a Target store? This had to be a mistake. A two-pair pack for $12.99 contained a black and a red pouch brief. I gladly took this to the front for a hasty checkout so that I could get home.

I opened the package and pulled out the black pair to do my initial inspection. The material is a cotton/modal/spandex blend (55/37/8). This is some stretchy stuff, let me tell you. I immediately pulled them on to find one brand of department store underwear to fit me like a glove. It was as if a higher power designed something for my tackle to rest. Evolve by 2xistI wear a small and this fit true to size. The name EVOLVE appears on the waistband over the pouch. Nothing about this brief fails my primary inspection.

I wore the red brief all day to a doctor’s appointment the next day. Never once did the leg openings pinch. The waistband did not roll while sitting. In no way did I feel like the underwear was restricting, especially after becoming aroused when spotting someone nice looking. By saying that, you can be secure that when you stretch, so will they. I never once had to reach back and pull material away from a “crack attack.” The day progressed and I wore them to the bowling alley. I generally never wear underwear while bowling, but these briefs vetoed the matter and have assured me that they can hold up to the test of various bodily motions. I would go as far as saying these would work perfectly well in the gym.

After so much praise, I couldn’t give these briefs anything less than a perfect score. These will become the highlights of my underwear collection. That means, they will probably need replacing a long time before any of the rest!

Fit: 5
Put Together: 5
Look: 5
Daily Wear: 5
Overall: 5

As of right now, the only place I have seen these briefs has been at Target. If they are not carried at another store, I will be fine with that fact. I will not be happy, however, if this line is eliminated. This line has proven itself worthy to be on any man’s midsection.