*This post is written as a direct plea to a college aged, underwear impaired guy. I ask that all of us which care for our fellow man make spreading the gospel of better underwear a point.*

It can be said that the majority of American society struggles to step out of a certain mold. Whether it’s media fabricated or a standard created by fellow friends and colleagues, guys tend to copy their surroundings, especially when it comes to underwear. College guys may be the biggest offenders and as a man which falls into this demographic, I see it first hand daily. Underwear such as basic, cheap construction boxers which extend to your knees in a variety of cheezy patterns or the basic six plus multi pack hanes/fruit of the loom boxer briefs are the general norm of the population. I used to wear these undies. Why did I stop? THEY’RE FREAKING UNCOMFORTABLE! As an avid runner, wearing boxers/boxer briefs of this variety was tortuous. Weggies, underwear binding, extreme chafing, and fabric which did not wick away moisture made workouts a hassle. Those experiences made my switch to higher quality undies an absolute necessity and resulted in my switch.

Men, I want you to ask yourself a question. Do you think that your significant other cares about your underwear? The answer is certainly complicated. I honestly don’t think men will be able to see into the mind of a woman with full understanding. Having said this, I truly think women want to see guys wearing clean, fashion forward underwear on their man. Guys, don’t we all want to see women wearing super sexy, sleek and fashionable? Don’t you think they also deserve the same treatment? I’m telling you (and from success) that yes, they do want to see you wearing great undies. Heck, if anything, maybe talking about why you wear designer undies can give you a foot in the door. Use whatever you can to make it happen!

We are creatures of habit. We tend to do something if it’s familiar. Whether it’s taking the same route to class each day or the style of underwear style we have worn for 15 years, it’s tough to break a routine. This is true even if you don’t really like what you’re doing. Guys, I get it. You think that because others aren’t wearing designer undies, you will somehow be outcasted if you do. It’s simply not true. Be the change, start the change. It only takes one to influence a few others. I can remember my friends busting my balls in the locker room after a workout when they saw my CK briefs. It didn’t bother me and I kept wearing them, continually pointing out all the benefits they provided me in the man region during long runs and gym workouts. It took about a month before I turned to a teammate, only to see him donning a pair of white Calvin Klein X Micro Hip Briefs, to which I busted his balls. We all control our own decisions, but if you’re not happy and satisfied with your underwear, don’t be afraid to change. In the end, it’s just another piece of clothing.

Now, picture this situation. It’s Wednesday morning and you just hit snooze one too many times on your alarm. Class is in 15 minutes. You’re scrambling to get ready and you look in your underwear drawer. What do you find? Nothing. Now, underwear supply is the standard by which many our age decides when to wash our clothes. No one wants to run out of fresh undies, but still, some guys among our generation don’t put an emphasis on wearing fresh underwear. Unfortunately, there are some guys that will just take their previously worn underwear, turn them inside out, and use them again.  Come on guys, don’t do this! I know there are weeks throughout each semester where its hard to find two hours to do your laundry, but you should either just bite the bullet and get clothes washed as fast as possible when out of clean undies or try to purchase additional undies. There should never be a reason as to why you have underwear on under your jeans with an inside out tag. Also, if your undies begin to develop large holes and loose their shape, bite the bullet and throw them out. These undies have done their time and it’s time to move on to new pairs.

I implore you to try something new. At least give it a shot. Try not getting hung up on societal norms and what others do. Wear what will make you feel best. And if you still like what you wear now after trying new things, that is fine


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