We need a hero. A hero that is a champion for men’s underwear. We are at a point where men’s underwear is going mainstream. Meaning over the last few years more guys gay and straight have been paying attention to underwear. Heck, we have more underwear companies then anytime I can remember in the history of underwear.

When I say we need a champion, I mean we need a spokes model for men’s underwear.  A famous athlete, actor or entertainer that will step up and show the public  that great men’s underwear is here to stay.

In the 70s and 80s we had Jim Palmer sporting Jockey bikinis in mainstream magazines. They used to run in People and I think Newsweek. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Palmer, he was a Major League Baseball star with Midwest all American looks. Having such a sports star in an underwear ad gave men’s underwear a sort of legitimacy and not put on some back page ads.

Flash-forward about 10 years and we have Marky Mark aka Mark Walberg in Calvin Klein boxer briefs. The newest hybrid style of the day.  This ad was even featured in Times Square in NYC. This was the last time we had a major market campaign featuring a celebrity. It’s time for a new underwear hero

This came about due to a conversation I had with @ undieluvr on twitter. Her suggested that Underarmour create a sports thong and have an athlete promote it. It got me thinking that we need this for all undies.  It’s time to bring great undies to the masses. Showing a major celebrity in them will only do this.

We currently have stars promoting underwear. The ones stars are David Beckham, Mario Lopez and Tim Tebow.

  • David Beckham is no stranger to promoting underwear. He’s done several shoots for Armani before he started his own line at H&M. His line is called David Beckham Bodywear and is available exclusively at H&M Retailers.  Also this was one of the first men’s underwear Super Bowl commercials.
  • Mario has endorsed his own line Rated M. The line has been out a few years. Unlike David Beckham’s line, Rated M is available at many online and brick and mortar retailers. It has been around for about two years.
  • Tim Tebow was the spokes person for Jockey. He was to be the new Jim Palmer, but he was never photographed in the Underwear. This was brought up to Jockey and they said they were fine with him not wearing the underwear in ads. His announcement had the most comments on our Facebook page.

We need to have a guy come out of the underwear closet and say that they LOVE underwear. It doesn’t matter if he’s a sports star, Movie star or entertainer.

It makes me think who would be the perfect guy for the job. It would need to be someone mainstream to catch the attention of the general public and making them consider buying great undies.  Some suggestions would be


  • Singer – Adam Levine – Lead Singer for Maroon5. He’s no stranger to getting naked and showing skin
  • Athlete – Eli Manning – The QB for the NY Giants. He’s got the wholesome look of Jim Palmer and a personality that could be great on camera
  • Actor – Matt Bomer – He’s been in Magic Mike so he’s been seen in underwear on film. He wore a thong in Magic Mike
  • Athlete – Michael Phelps – The Olympic gold medalist swimmer. He’s been seen in Speedos for millions on TV and is comfortable in them
  • Athlete – Colin Kaepernick – The Super Bowl QB for the San Francisco 49’ers who just appeared nude in the ESPN Magazine body issue.

These are just a few suggestions. I would love to hear who you guys think we should have as our Underwear Spokesman? Who has the body and the personality to speak the virtues of men’s undies?


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Jake Pruitt Reply

    Oh, really?
    You know I love y’all and everything, but I have to say, “For shame!”

    How on earth does one discuss celebrity underwear spokesmen and forget Ben Cohen?!


    FWIW, I would love it if you could somehow convince Henry Cavill to pose in his undies. Daily.

    • Very good point about Ben Cohen Jake, but I was looking for someone to appeal to the US Market. since that’s where we need the help in getting undies out there! But yeah he’s a great spokesperson for undies!

      • Jake Pruitt Reply

        I had to chuckle when I read your response, considering Mr. Beckham is from the U.K. as well.

        In reality, I just really appreciate what Ben Cohen and his StandUp organization are trying to do. The fact that I can contribute to that work by buying super-comfortable undies is just a bonus!

        Keep up the good work, gang!

        • well Beckham is gaining US exposure. Most American’s know who he is, Whereas, Ben I don’t think the mass market knows who he is. The gay market does for his STandUP organization. Just curious who you think should be a spokesperson in the us?

          • Jake Pruitt

            A great point, and a great question. I feel so out of the loop as far as sports and entertainment that I’d really have to give it some thought. Out of your current list, I think I’d prefer Matt Bomer. Though if left to my own devices, it would be someone who isn’t already a “sex symbol”, and having a six-pack would automatically eliminate them from contention.
            I personally would love to see the “everyman” be the next big thing in modeling generally, and underwear specifically. There are all sorts of place in the age of technology in which to see the “Man o’ My Dreams” in (and out) of underwear. What I’d *really* appreciate is seeing how *I* would look in a pair of underwear. I’m not hung like a porn star, I don’t have a bubble-butt, and my belly sticks out a bit above my waistband. I’m kind of over looking at the photos on the packaging and websites and thinking the product looks great, only to spend my money and find out that they’re very unflattering on me.

            I’m picky and opinionated, yes. But I know that if I’m going to spend my money on something, I want it to fit right and feel good!

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