Over the last year or so, Joe Snyder has become one of my favorite brands. The new Pride Frame line bikini is probably in the top 10 of my favorite pairs right now. When they refreshed the line, I was super happy to have another pair of them. The newest release from Joe Snyder is the Activewear Line. It’s one they told me about over a year ago and I was very excited to hear about it.

The Activewear is a bit of a departure from Joe Snyder. This one features a more defined pouch and a signature waistband. Previous lines rarely had a branded waistband. Granted they had a few but none that entire focus was the waist band. This one it’s front and center and carried through all pairs in this collection. I personally love this new design features. Nothing sets off a pair of undies like a waistband.

One of the best things about Joe Snyder is the quality of their undies. They make them out of really great fabrics and the construction is always made great. Joe Snyder makes fun yet very masculine underwear.

I wore the pair to work when I knew it was going to be an active day. I figured since I was in a jock why not put it to the test right? It held up very well. I loved the construction of the leg straps and the nylon/spandex pouch. The waistband which i loved, was a bit tight at the end on the day. I should have gone up a size. I”m right on the boarder of the size chart. But if you’re an underwear fan you know sometimes it can be hard to pick the right size. The pouch fit well too. As many of you know pouches are very important to me. I prefer contoured pouches and this one fit me well.

The sizing if you follow the guide should be pretty much on. I am right on the boarder between sizes. As I said above, when you are at the cut off for brands it’s hard to actually pick a right size. Also gaining a few pounds didn’t help the matter. But if you follow their guide you should have no problems with this line. They are out of Mexico so the sizing on other lines may run smaller.


  • Love the new design, they stepped outside their box
  • Great new Waistband
  • Bigger pouch
  • Great bright color selection


  • I’m in between sizing so was a little small


  • Daily Fit – 8
  • Sizing – 7
  • Construction/Materials – 8.5
  • Styling – 9
  • Daily Wear -8
  • Overall – 8.1

Joe Snyder furnished this pair for review. They can be found at the Joe Snyder Website.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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