Candyman-spiderWhen I was younger, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays. It allowed you to escape your daily life and be someone else. Even if it was just for the night. Super Heroes were always the costumes one of those that I was drawn too. As I have grown I still like Halloween but don’t dress up as much as I used too. But I still like super heroes.

Maybe not dressing up will change  with the new Candyman underwear! They have been known for great costume undies and this year they have a spider super hero inspired pairs. You can be either the good super hero or maybe you want to be the villain. To each their won right, not everyone wants to be good all the time.

The pair has two different ones. The black and grey, which I call the villain. It has a black pouch and silver accents with a net like back. The Blue is the hero pair. It has red/white/sliver accents and the net back. So you can have a lot of fun with this pair. This is a pair you could wear as part of a costume or just under your pants and show just a few your secret identity

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