We have an interview with Logan Swiecki-Taylor, who you could call the face of Rufksin. I have known him for a few years and it’s glad to see him doing so well. He’s been one of, if not the main model at Rufskin. Here is a little more about him.

How did you become what most call the face of Rufskin? just about every time I see a new picture you’re the model

Well, a little over a year ago Rufskin had me come out for a shoot for a weekend we got to talking about me graduating from college etc. and a few months after that shoot they offered me a position in their logistics department (full time) so I made the move from Indiana to work for Rufskin, then just kept shooting on weekends for them and the rest is history.


How did your modeling career start?

I always laugh at this question its been rocky with several starts, There was high school where family friends always said I should try to model but being in Indiana the market is extremely small but we tried anyway, then there was a time where I tried the whole “Pro-scout” thing and in my opinion its just a scam to get naive people to blow money on broken promises (Im sure a few people actually do get a start from it but 99.9% just waste their money), then there have been the numerous “Photographers” that I have shot odds and ends with, then… there was this “family friend of a friend” who had a “agency” that sent me abroad and basically cost me a LOT of money for a few shots from different photographers, take a few pieces from all that and you get a few pictures that caught the attention of Rufskin to whom I now attribute all my SUCCESS in the business to. Failure is a stepping stone a way to learn and move forward so here I am now! Since starting with Rufskin I have only moved forward and I predict I will continue to do so!

What has been one of your favorite shoots you have done?

I have loved all the location shoots I have done with Rufskin, most recently the “California Vintage” underwear shoot. We were at an incredible park about an hour out of Palm Springs. You take me into raw nature and I feel right at home!


Rufskin is known for having fun designs do you have any favorite pieces you have enjoyed modeling?

Can I say everything?! I really love the new denim were doing as well as the “CA Vintage” and the “Iconic” lines.

They are also known for their styling, do you have an input or is it pre determined before the shoot?

Rufskin is best defined as a family we all have an input on almost every aspect of the brand it’s what keeps us fresh, ahead, and on edge! It also helps that every one of us comes from very different backgrounds.

What does the future hold for you?

What doesn’t the future hold for me?! I will say though I’m quite excited for our new swim line (2014) and a few other secrets that you’ll just have to keep your eyes on us for.

Find Logan at the Logan Swiei-Taylor Facebook Page and find Rufskin at http://www.rufskin.com


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