1127-Booty-AmbianceGregg Homme is at it again. This time rather then making underwear for the endowed guy they do it for the guy who has a great butt. We have covered a lot of the endowed guys but some times leave out the guy with junk in the trunk. We are hoping to rectify that very soon. But in the mean time, Gregg Homme wants to make some great undies to show off your assets.

“Shake it, tap it, go ahead and slap it! Gregg Homme’s BOOTY has you covered… well, only slightly – these very revealing yet supportive undergarments are designed in a soft microfiber, high-end liquid-touch fabric with straps at the seat made of raw edge material that won’t fray or wear out, no matter what kind of treatment you subject your booty to!”

The one thing that Gregg Homme excels at is fabric use. This pair has “high-end liquid touch fabric in soft microfiber, these BOOTY briefs by Gregg Homme give you support and definition via a center-seamed, anatomical pouch and a seat designed with 1-inch straps constructed with raw edge material that won’t wear out or fray at the borders.” Meaning the back won’t fray or mess up. It’s cut so that is will always look exactly the same as the day you bought it.

This pair is available in just briefs and in Black, White, Khaki, Red, Purple and Sky Blue. They are super popular, many of the sizes are sold out but you can guarantee they will be back shortly. I’m going to ask this week for some review pairs of these awesome undies. We have a guy who would be the ideal guy to review them. Gregg Homme may not be cheap but they are well made and will be in your underwear drawer.

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112703-27-far-front 112703-27-close-side 112703-27-close-back

112703-24-far-front 112703-24-close-side 112703-24-close-back

112703-03-far-front 112703-03-close-side 112703-03-close-back

112703-02-far-front 112703-02-close-side 112703-02-close-back

112703-01-far-front 112703-01-close-side 112703-01-close-back


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