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Last week we posted the Miami Dolphin speedo guys. We thought we would share our experiences wearing swim briefs. Its fair to say most, not all the guys on the site have worn them. I wrote up the double standard last week but we wanted to have our guys put in their two cents. Dash took this to heart and wrote a big post on wearing his first speedo this past summer. We are also using his pics here in the post. But our other guys share their opinions! We’d love to hear yours

Dash Distraction

Over the summer I bought my first speedo. I had been easing my way into it, going from knee-length department store suits to a Parke & Ronen 4 inch inseam. Everything about a briefer swimsuit is better- easily worn under your street clothes, shows off your legs, less drag when swimming, dries faster, better tan lines. I wasn’t going back to board shorts, and was ready for the next step.

In July I went to eastern Europe for a vacation and ordered a tasteful Aussiebum suit. It was a squarecut/trunk in the style Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale in black and white. On the beach on the Black Sea all kinds of men wore speedos, squarecuts, and even some thongs without any of the body panic and self-consciousness I found at home. The speedo was a practical garment and a fun one, and the men there embraced it. After getting back to the States I started wearing speedos to the beach. I felt good about the way I looked and there were beaches where people didn’t freak out about seeing a man’s thighs in a 1″ side speedo. No one laughed, no one pointed, but many looked and a few gave some compliments. It was a great summer.

Looking ahead I know I’ll be in speedos at the beach again, but not necessarily every time or at every beach. Sometimes you don’t want to call attention to yourself or stand out, and sometimes you do. Just like dressing up in general, there’s a time and place to wear cute shorts and other occasions that call for nothing more than a tiny nylon brief and a drawstring. The important thing is to diversify your swim gear and find some great places to let it all hang out.

UNB Gabe

I’ve worn speedos as a competitive swimmer since high school.  But as a rule I would never wear them outside of that venue.  The one exception came when I found myself in the midst of a flock of European tourists.  That was a pivotal experience for me as I realized the only barrier to doing so was my fear of what others would think.  Nowadays I’d say the fear is less about what others think and more about what some  small vocal minority might actually do in response.  It seems that small-mindedness knows no bounds.

UNB Bryce

I haven’t ever worn them in public but wouldn’t be against it. I do wear a speedo when I lay out in my yard. If I was going to the beach to lay out I would likely wear a speedo.

Alex B.

I have been wearing speedos for the last few years as a swimmer. I wear them at the gym and every once in a while a the beach but I haven’t really gotten any negative feed back. I think it all comes down to who you are around when wearing it. Gay man, and swimmers are used to seeing guys in speedos and as long as nothing pops up, they won’t give you a strange look.


I have worn them since I was in my teens. I have been the only guy on the beach in them and I really didn’t care. Then again I was young and didn’t care. The older i get I still love them, I think they are the most comfortable thing to wear. I’m working my way to get back in speedo shape. One of my favorite stories was I had this flag motif actual Speedo brand, went to the beach with my ex and he forbid me to wear them on the beach. I wore my board shorts over but wasn’t happy! Now I wear them occasionally not as much as I did. I need to get back to them and show no matter size or age you should wear what you feel best in!

I think this post is interesting cause you would expect all of us to wear speedos but not all have. Some love them while others are still easing into them.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Guys, thanks for bravely sharing your stories. I haven’t yet built up the courage to wear a Speedo-style suit to the beach. Reading your stories helps me get one step closer.

  2. Great post guys. I think it’s always assumed that underwear fans are also avid Speedo fans and wearers. It’s interesting to see the differences in everyone. I go both ways myself. I prefer the fit and feel of Speedos, but there are situations that don’t warrant the style. Keep up the good work

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