Aronik-Gallery1 interviewed the guys behind the Aronik website: 


We asked them why they started the brand. Both creators, Mauricio Sepúlveda and Jed Skeen, are lovers of the beach and swim briefs. Mauricio, years ago, toyed with the idea of designing swimwear. Years later, in spring of 2013, Mauricio aka Mao and Jed, did just that. After researching, traveling the world for textile samples, and making prototypes, they both eventually created the logo and branding for Aronik (pronounced similar to Ironic). They started with local tailors to make sample prototypes using themselves and friends to get the right fit. Soon they jumped on production and decided that they were going to launch slowly as they were entering cold Autumn.


Mauricio networked to find models and photographers that would represent Aronik best. His top pick for model, José Ruiz, and photographer Jorge Freire were the perfect match that eventually landed the September 2013 cover for DNA Magazine Australia. Since then it’s been business at full speed.


Both Mauricio and Jed live in Salt Lake City, Utah and are former mormon missionaries (no longer affiliated). Utah, known as the ‘Beehive State’, served as part of the inspiration for the company name, the honey bee logo, and corporate image. Much of their design reflects the beauty and inspiration from Utah.


Throughout history, the honeybee has symbolized opulence and diligence. French emperor Napoleon used the bee as a symbol of his empire. This inspired Mauricio to share that same concept in Aronik with high-end fabrics and craftsmanship. People have loved the signature bee logo seen on various prints and can look forward to more.


Thanks to the cover on DNA magazine, they’ve gained massive exposure and began selling to orders from all over the world. With their second collection they are poised to grow the brand and reach out to more enthusiasts. Their product is designed in the US and manufactured in Colombia, known for their high quality in textiles.

They have some big plans coming up and we wills hare them with you as they announce them. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest @ Aronikswim or


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  1. One of the sexiest brands there is!
    Can’t wait for my order to arrive.

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