Oh the thong: The most revealing style. The underwear kryptonite of straight men nationwide. The masses say its “the underwear of the gay”. Or, “You’re less of a man if you wear one”. Even, “They hurt your nuts”.

I have heard all these excuses before, yet I have never once worn a thong. This isn’t to say that I bought into the myths about thongs being gay underwear. I think we at UNB are clearly on the record saying any and all underwear are acceptable choices for men of any orientation.

My reason: I just really love briefs. I have thought about purchasing a thong for a few months, but I have always gotten cold feet at the last minute thinking that it would be a wasted purchase because I wouldn’t like the feel they provide. Well, I’m not going to let that stop me ever again.

UNBTim and I were recently talking about underwear, per usual, and I brought up the fact that I REALLY want to give thongs an honest shot so he’s hooking me up with a thong to review for everyone’s enjoyment/appreciation/general knowledge/amusement. My thong naivety will be gone forever soon and with that, a detailed new style review will accompany the experience. Keep your eyes peeled to Underwear News Briefs to see what I think of my first thong!



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