2195_Black(3)One thing I LOVE in underwear is when you mix underwear with something else. Meaning if you mix underwear and swimwear design or sports wear. Something about it just really resonates with me and I love it. I’m from the school underwear should be fun and you should always try to find something outside the box! This type of undies just make me feel super sexy!

Clever has done that with the new Punch Boxer. Now, I’m not usually a fan of boxers briefs but I love the waistband with the board short type lace up in the front. It has the solid black waistband with the white stripes on the side and wide white waistband. Above the pouch is open just below the laces. It makes it super sexy!

Like I said these could be a mix of swim or work out wear. I really think this one is really fun. It’s also available in grey/light blue but prefer the black and white over it. Clever says it’s more inspired by boxing, I can see that

This is a pair I want to have in my collection. I know this line just came out and may not be out as of yet but retailers should be getting the new Clever!

2195_Black(1) 2195_Grey(1)


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