pikante-gogo=briefAre you a fan of something fun and metallic? The new Go Go Brief (8647) from Pikante is the perfect pair for you. This collection from Pikante is definitely a walk on the wild side. It’s so wild we can’t promote much on Facebook. I know many of our readers will love the collection. I know for a fact we have a few straight readers who will go crazy over some of these pairs!

The Go Go Brief is available in three metallic fabrics; Gold, Silver and Black. Each one has a snap off pouch. Which allows you easy access for those times when you want to have some fun. We know there are some out there who would never wear undies like this but for a whole set of guys this is fun and something exciting.

The back of this pair has a mesh panel at the top. It’s not a super see through mesh and doesn’t cover the entire back. Its only about the top third of the back. Gives you just enough of a peek. It also has similar snaps that you see on the pouch. It’s a lot of fun.

You maybe asking, “Would you wear this pair?” Honestly, I would give it a try. I think we all need to push ourselves and try something new. My biggest concern would be the pouch. Would it hold through the day? The material is a Polyester/Spandex blend so it should hold you in place and feel good.

If you’re up for something fun then definitely check this pair out. If you want something wilder, this new collection has even more you will like! These should  be rolling out to retailers as we speak!

8647_silver_2 8647_silver_1 8647_gold_2 8647_gold_1   8647_black_28647_black_1


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