next-pairReaching a milestone is something we all look forward to in life.  Not everyone will look at an underwear collection as a milestone worth celebrating, but I know everyone here will appreciate this milestone.  As I sit in a coffee shop typing this, there is a package waiting for me in my mailbox.  In that package are 5 pairs of underwear that will put my underwear collection total at 297.  That’s right folks, I’m only 3 pairs away from 300.  How should we celebrate?

I’m less focused on the celebration I guess and more interested in what that 300th pair will be.  With my recent involvement here, my 300th pair could very will be a sample pair I review.  If that’s where they come from I sure I hope it’s a good pair that I’ll be proud to own and give rave reviews about.  On the other hand it could be an uncomfortable trip into unknown territory with a new design or style I’ve never worn before.  No, going to keep positive here, number 300 will be amazing.

This amazing number 300 could also come from a favorite online haunt of mine,  You never know what amazing finds will pop up there from day to day.  All I know is you better act fast if you see something you like, they sell out fast.  I wish there were more sites like  They are responsible for the largest surge in my collection to date.  It’s hard to resist the temptation to order sometimes.  We won’t look at my credit card statement where it is concerned.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if that 300th pair came from a fan who ordered them for me from my Amazon wish list?  I want to kiss the genius that thought of the ability to create a wish list and share with anyone and everyone.  I know my list is filled with underwear and jocks I want to own, but would feel better financially if someone else footed the bill.  I guess that sounds really bad, but if there are people out there willing to send random gifts to strangers, who I am to refuse?

Lastly, and most likely, I’ll hand pick a pair of really nice underwear I’ve been eyeing for some time now.  There are a few brands I’m looking at to become number 300.  The obvious choices are C-IN2, Aussiebum, 2xist, and Unico.  I know, why don’t I let you help me decide?  I think that’ll be fun and get you involved in a small part in making my mind up for me.  So there we have it then, a reader poll to determine my 300th pair.  I can’t wait!


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