1536439_685511358162587_2756184352367265841_nBum-Chums has always been a, pardon the pun, cheeky underwear company from Great Briton. They have released a new collection called Nutsack. Note that all the pics the models are wearing modesty panels under the underwear. Meaning that the undies will be totally see through.

Bum-Chums is no stranger to mesh underwear. Their In2cooler line has a rear mesh panel designed to keep you cool! If you wanted to go a step farther the Tool Belt line has a solid mesh back. Let’s say you still want to go father in mesh, the Sneak Peek line is a solid mesh pair. They have taken it to the next level with the Nutsack line.

I would normally tell you in my own words about the underwear but I don’t think I can in any way top what they wrote:

From the book of New Testicles: And it was proclaimed, ‘A saviour shall be sent unto us; holey presents that shall redeem all our souls; a divine host of hipsters and briefs that will lift all men to heavenly comfort. No longer shall man be in bondage (unless he chooses to be), he will be as free as Adam, with not a fig leaf in sight. And this deity shall be called the bum-chums’ Nut Sack and from this day forth, man shall be clothed in many colours, yet be naked and revealed in all his glory….oh, rapture.’

Like I said, no way I could out do that write up that clever. Bum-Chums is all about taking your underwear and making it over the top fun. The underwear is also functional, nothing worse than a fun pair of undies that’s a pain to wear. The Nutsack is a mesh pair that is available in only black and red. The styles they have released are a hip brief and hipster (a trunk for us US folks). We have all the pictures of each pair below, so you can see the front and back of each pair.

Where can you buy Bum-Chums? I haven’t seen them offered on any site or store in the US. If you have let us know, but the only place to order them is their website (http://www.bum-chums.com). The cost of both the styles are £19.99.


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