IMG_4141It’s almost that time again friends.  AIDS/Lifecycle 2014 is just around the corner.  This is my second year participating with this great charity event.  I was not sure what I was in for when I signed on last year.  I was told this was to be one of the greatest experiences of the my life.  I am writing today tell you all about the adventure I had and will have again.  I also hope that at the end of this you will open your pockets up to this great charity and help raise money for them.

On June 1st over 2500 cyclists with set out on a 545 mile journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  Day 1 through day 7 will have the is group riding between 45 and 110 miles.  Along the way we venture up some fierce hills as well as face some cold mornings.  It goes without saying we torture our bodies to show support for this cause.  Thankfully we have the support of over 500 volunteers who make sure we are well cared for after each day of the ride.  Those wonderful volunteers affectionately called “Roadies” make sure we are fed, watered, and cared for medically.  Probably the most touching is outreach of the communities we ride through from day to day.  Seeing the communities line the streets to wave or a passing motorist honk and shout kudos is amazing.  It is that kind of support that makes each day of agony bearable and even rewarding.  It’s no wonder I signed up for my second year before the my first year was complete.

This group of amazing people come together for the purpose of showing support for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.  All the proceeds from this event help those living with AIDS/HIV and also help in the prevention of these diseases.  Last year a total of over $16 million dollars was raised in the months leading up to day 1 of the event.  I am honored to have been a part of this total and even more so that I am again helping to break new fundraising records.  Knowing that this money goes to those who need it and also that this may help bring an end to these horrible diseases.  Whether gay or straight we all know someone affected.  If we all do our part to bring even greater attention and work together to end AIDS/HIV this soon can be a part of our societies past.

Friends, it is with a heavy heart that I ask you to reach into your pockets and help me raise money for this charity.  It is with your support that the lives of many people can be forever changed.  You can rest easy knowing that your donations help those in need as well as help us riding the route bring greater awareness to this charity and cause.

Please show your support.

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