Yoga-Underwear-2xistAs a collector of underwear my “favorite” pair changes almost as often as I actually change underwear. But I have a new favorite that’s held the top spot for a couple months now and I want to tell you about them.

My current favorite underwear is the 2Xist Speed no show brief. Now I like all cuts and styles of underwear, but the Speed are really unique. The nylon spandex combination stretches and gives in all the right places yet still offers support where it’s needed.

The feel of the material is soft and sensual but stands up after repeated wearing and washings. They have a nice shimmer to them, which makes them stand out when I’m wearing them.

The colors are bright and vivid. They don’t fade after several washings. They look as great now as when I first got them. The red is my favorite color, but the black and two shades of blue (light and darker) are awesome too. I even have a pair of the white and I am not a big fan of white underwear.

They have a nice wide waist band with colorful, contrasting logo and stripes. One of my favorite parts of the design of the brief is the seams just above the leg holes that are contrasting stitching with a tasteful embroidery look

If you’re a briefs kind of guy these are a must have for your collection, and if you don’t wear briefs often these might be the pair to change your mind.

You can find these at many of the big retailers as well as the web. has them and they also have trunks and jock straps. Give them a try, I bet you will love them.

Happy collecting and give these a try.


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