We bring you a brand new swim line from model Michael Guapo. Michael has taken his experience wearing some of the best swimwear in the world and he launched Wapo wear this month. We got a chance to ask him a few questions about the new line. Here is the interview we conducted.

You have been a model, what made you start your own swimwear line?

I have been playing with the fact of starting my own brand for a long time now. Since I have a lot of experience in fashion, not only as a model, but also stylist and have been working with some top fashion brands stores. I wanted to used this experience on my own. I also worked with different swimwear brands but since I was always a very creative I always felt like I need to start something mine. Something I would be fully in control with and that is how WAPO was created. In my head and with lot of hard work.

Tell us about your collection you have released?

WAPO is not working with the collection for each season like its usually done. We released a collection of few eclectic designs in the  beginning and will add more and more. We want to be able to offer something fresh and new to our customers all over the world during the whole year.

Do you have any favorite pairs in the collection?4

It is really difficult to pick just one. I really love all the designs and Im wearing them very often since I love to wear classic low cut swim wear. Every piece is different and unique so everyone can choose the one (or more) which fits his mood and requirements. Im constantly creating a new designs so there is a lot more to come.

What sets Wapo Wear apart from other swimwear lines?

WAPO is a European company. Our products are made from the best quality fabric and all production is made within Europe. Swimwear is handmade and fully lined. This offers the best comfort and also every single piece used for the swimwear is made within Europe. We want to offer the best quality, fresh designs, fitting cut all together.

Are you planning to branch out into underwear?

I definitely have a plans for the future. At the moment Im focusing on a swimwear but since WAPO is a lifestyle brand I would like to expand to underwear and sportswear. Our customers could wear WAPO 24/7 and always feel special and comfortable.

Where can our readers buy your swimwear?

You can buy all WAPO products on www.wapowear.com and at the moment we offer a free international shipping to every order. Also we like to keep in touch with our customers on instagram www.instagram.com/wapo_wear and Facebook www.facebook.com/wapowear where we also post Fan photos and will release some news about collections or possible discounts for the future


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