We are bringing you a new fitness column. We have had them off and on the last few years but have a great guy now wanting to share his info with you. The first column is about a 30 Day Squat Challenge:

Spring is here and summer is upon us.  It is that time we start wearing shorts and swim briefs (especially if you are take the swim briefs challenge).  Get way to get your legs in shape for the summer and you need to start now.  Weather you are new to fitness or a fitness buff this challenge (and squats in general) is good for all!  Don’t care who you are everyone likes and wants a nice firm shapely bubble but.

The squat is one, if not, the best exercise you can do for your body.  It works the whole body not just your legs.  It activates the back to stay tall in the movement lots of core stability to move and a whole lot of legs get shaped up and stronger.

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How to do this challenge:

The number of squats as your progress maybe a little daunting but do not worry.  You have all day to do them.  You can do 20 – 25 at a time though out the day.  Another nice thing is you don’t need to go to the gym to do this. You can do your squats anyway you can stand up, at home, on an elevator between floors, at the beach, etc.

  1. Anchor you heals into the ground in an athletic stance with  the feet slightly turned out (athletic stance has some variation depending on your hip flexibility and mobility.  Good rule is anywhere from hip width to a toe heal wider on both legs).
  2. Keep your torso as tall as possible (chest lifted) through out the movement. Shoulder blade pulled together and core engagement and working
  3. Press your hips back (hip hinge) to start the movement (as if you were sitting in a chair behind you).  This is how you will squat down by pressing your hips back. Do not start the movement from you knees. You should work to keep your torso and shines as vertical as you can throughout the movement.
  4. Squat depth varies from person to person.  In the perfect world ass to ankles.  Each person’s hip and ankle flexibility will dictate how long then can go.  Aim for a depth between your thigh bone being parallel and ass to ankle is get.

Things to think about (it’s a lot but you have 30 day to work on it)

  • focus on the muscle you are using.  Keep everything strong and engaged
  • don’t rush through the movement
  • breath! inhale on the down phase exhale on the effort or push phase
  • on the up phase think of pulling the floor or ground apart as you stand
  • squeeze your glutes (butt) at the top to finish
  • arms either straight out from your shoulders parallel to the ground or hands on your hips for balance.

Disclaimer: Not all exercise programs are suitable for everyone. Check with your doctor before beginning any fitness program to avoid/reduce the risk of injury. Perform these exercises at your own risk. UNB will not be responsible or liable for any injury sustained as a result of using any fitness program presented and/or discussed on the UNB blog


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