Jack Adams Underwear Featuring Alex MinksyI was wonderfully excited when I first heard that Jack Adams was going to be moving their headquarters to my city, Portland, OR. I was even more excited when the Owner of Jack Adams, Matt Miller and I were able to set up a meeting to sit down and chat about what Jack Adams has planned for the future. I also wanted to know what brought him and his partner Kevin, to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. .

About four years ago Matt and Kevin owned a publishing company that did work for the LGBT community. They saw the writing on the wall and decided to go into of all things men’s underwear and sports wear.

They have focused Jack Adams as an athletic brand for the dude who does something that gets him moving. The look of the classic athletic jack Adams Warehouse
designs, style and colors are peppered throughout their lines.

I was shocked to find out 59% of their customers are straight guys and most of their sales come from brick and mortar stores. I asked why he thinks people are buying in person vs the internet Matt said, “people want to see and feel the product up close and personal. Hard to get the
fit right online. The fabrics are what are diving the business. You can tell all about the fabric you use, talk about how soft it is but until the customer can feel it they don’t really know.”

One thing that Jack Adams prides themselves on is quality. They say every month, every year the quality of their product gets better and better. In fact, the factory their product is made in also make some other big name underwear brands. This means the sewers often have as much as 25 or more years making underwear.
Fall will be a big refocus for the brand. A new collection called” City Gym”. It will have an old school class gym vibe – 40s and 50s styling with a hipster feel. Also coming is a high end athletic collection. They are going to focus on an athletic line not just undies. The pricing on both of these will be affordable to most guys.

Jack Adams will be continue to refine the fit and make it the best product they can make. One of the benefits of moving to Portland is the large influence of Nike, Adidas, Columbia and other sportswear brands. This means they can hire talent that has worked on some of the best sports where there is.

Stay tuned for updates and reviews from new and existing Jack Adams lines.


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