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Jack Adams Flex Racer X Fly Jock from UNB Blog on Vimeo.

Well we have a few more reviews from Alex before he leaves. Yes, after 5 years he’s leaving thes site guys. I know many will be upset that you won’t see his video reviews any more. Don’t worry we have another video reviewer in the wings! But, we will def miss Alex here he’s been an amazing part of the site since almost the beginning. It’s like a chapter of UNB is coming to a close. Wish him well and enjoy this great review featuring Jack Adams.

This pair was furnished for review.

In my world there are mainly only two types of undies, jock and brief. I wear other types as well but these are my favorite. My go to briefs are the 2xist Military Brief for their fit, great styling and wonderful materials.

The Military Briefs are made with a slightly stretchy fabric that hugs your body showing off what you have while balancing support and snugness. A pair of briefs that can balance sexy snugness while not being overly tight makes a perfect pair. The fit on these briefs doesn’t leave bunching or sagging (the worst) and is a perfect all day pair.

The waistband offsets of these briefs with just a hint of metallic, but not over the top. The overall look of these briefs is sophisticated while showing off your assets and can be worn with just about anything. These briefs are exactly what briefs should be and should be sitting at the top of your undies drawer.

Made by 2(x)ist and released in Feb 2011


bike-10-jockstraps-throwbackWe are going to post as a group 12 pairs we love and think every guy should own. It was originally 12 pairs every guy should own but after going through some of the selections there were several pairs no longer in production so it’s a mix of pairs we love and pairs you should own. This is Alex’s first post!

When I was asked to pick two pair of undies every guy should own I thought to myself what undies do, I own the most of. It didn’t take me long to think of the Bike jockstrap the only pair of undies I own where I have the same pair, in the same color.

The Bike Jockstrap has been a staple of locker rooms and men’s drawers for decades. This classic jock isn’t about frills of fancy fabrics or flashy waistbands, everything about this jock is made for use. The elastic and cotton pouch hold your boys where they need to be, while still showing off a nice bulge. The waistband is wider than most jocks making sure it stays in place. The leg bands lift and support your butt giving a great profile. Even with all these great features the best part to me is the classic, masculine, blast from the past look of this jock.

The Bike Jock has been reinvented in recent years with new colors other than the white and black of the past. These colors add a little more fun to the other options, but still holds the classic design.

I use my Bike Jock for both sports as well as every day wear. The support and classic styling are unmatched. This jock is a must have pair!

Pictures from Jockstrap Central (Contains an affiliate link)

Jack Adams Underwear Featuring Alex MinksyI was wonderfully excited when I first heard that Jack Adams was going to be moving their headquarters to my city, Portland, OR. I was even more excited when the Owner of Jack Adams, Matt Miller and I were able to set up a meeting to sit down and chat about what Jack Adams has planned for the future. I also wanted to know what brought him and his partner Kevin, to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. .

About four years ago Matt and Kevin owned a publishing company that did work for the LGBT community. They saw the writing on the wall and decided to go into of all things men’s underwear and sports wear.

They have focused Jack Adams as an athletic brand for the dude who does something that gets him moving. The look of the classic athletic jack Adams Warehouse
designs, style and colors are peppered throughout their lines.

I was shocked to find out 59% of their customers are straight guys and most of their sales come from brick and mortar stores. I asked why he thinks people are buying in person vs the internet Matt said, “people want to see and feel the product up close and personal. Hard to get the
fit right online. The fabrics are what are diving the business. You can tell all about the fabric you use, talk about how soft it is but until the customer can feel it they don’t really know.”

One thing that Jack Adams prides themselves on is quality. They say every month, every year the quality of their product gets better and better. In fact, the factory their product is made in also make some other big name underwear brands. This means the sewers often have as much as 25 or more years making underwear.
Fall will be a big refocus for the brand. A new collection called” City Gym”. It will have an old school class gym vibe – 40s and 50s styling with a hipster feel. Also coming is a high end athletic collection. They are going to focus on an athletic line not just undies. The pricing on both of these will be affordable to most guys.

Jack Adams will be continue to refine the fit and make it the best product they can make. One of the benefits of moving to Portland is the large influence of Nike, Adidas, Columbia and other sportswear brands. This means they can hire talent that has worked on some of the best sports where there is.

Stay tuned for updates and reviews from new and existing Jack Adams lines.

People do not often think of t-shirts when they discuss underwear, but today I am reviewing the New Balance Cotton Crew shirt.  The shirt is made of 94% Cotton and 6% Elasthane which gives it a stretchy feeling but also a great wicking ability.  I received two of these shirts for review and they have since become my two workout shirts.  New Balance made a shirt that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  I think my favorite part about these shirts is they can do double duty. These shirts look good under button ups or sweaters but also can be worn in the gym, take a beating and still keep you dry.

The color, cut and construction are all great; in fact, even after several wears and washes, they are holding their shape well. The color I got was a bright blue which is different than a lot of other shirts I see which helps me stand out when running on the road. These shirts are cut for an athletic body. I am a skinny guy and shirts often fit me like a paper bag but this shirt has a fit perfect for my build. However, if you have a few extra pounds, there is enough stretch to take care of it.

The color, fit and the ability of these shirts to keep you dry, no matter how hard you sweat, was unmatched. Whether I was lifting weights in the gym, going for a 5 mile run or jumping from meeting to meeting, I never got soggy or felt like the shirt was sticking to me.

At the end of the day, I love these New Balance shirts for the versatility and ability to handle what ever I throw at them—weather it is a hard workout, lounging at home or adding some color for a work meeting—this shirt can do the job.


  • Fit
  • Color
  • Versatility


  • That I only have two
Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 5
Look 5
Daily Wear 5


There were furnished for review by New Balance and can be purchased from their site.

A waistband is all a stranger can see of your underwear.  I feel a waistband can make or break you.  The Ristefsky Macheda briefs I recently reviewed have a stellar waistband; not to flashy but still enough to know the rest of the undies are hot.  The waistband has a simple black line on top and a bold raised logo across the band.  Luckily, the briefs are just as great as the waistband.

These briefs are wonderful in look and fit.  They are full briefs with a new twist on a retro style.  Purple piping and the wide waistband accent the charcoal fabric nicely.  A problem I usually have with briefs is the lack of a pouch.  I often find the boys are pushed back and squashed, but the RM briefs are supportive without constriction.  They are perfect for all day wear.  The small “functional” fly isn’t worth much and could have been left off.  It’s a little extra detail to stay true to the retro styling.

This was my first time wearing Ristefsky Macheda and, although they have a limited product line, I hope to soon add more of these to my underwear drawer.

Fit: 4.8
Materials: 5.0
Construction: 5.0
Look: 4.6
Daily Wear: 4.9
Overall: 4.8

These and other briefs from Ristefsky Macheda can be found at There briefs were provided for review

I love getting new undies to review. It’s like an honest version of Christmas. A surprise package arrives at your door, you open it up and you don’t have to lie saying you like it; you can give the honest truth.

When I first opened the package and saw the Body Tech Colorblocked Briefs, I thought it was a joke, I thought Body Tech had made undies out of the scraps left on the cutting room floor. That said, I loved how they looked. They are different, made with a panel construction each of a different color. These panels help the briefs hug your body and really show off the pouch.

These briefs fit well and hugged even my lacking rear-end. The separate pouch in the front could be a little bigger but it works well to bring the boys front and center without pushing them too far out.

These briefs also have some cool grommets on the front of the waistband to give them some flair above the pants. After only wearing them a few times, one of the grommets is starting to fall out and these briefs have never even been in the dryer.

I really fell in love with the bright colors and unique panel design as well as the fit. I wish the construction was a little better but I will continue to wear them with or without the grommet.

Fit 5
Materials 5
Construction 3
Look 5
Daily Wear 5

These were furnished for review by UnderGear.