prld-3.xlgSo…you all want to know what a great pair of underwear is you should have in your collection?  I know of a couple brands that produce underwear that is nothing short of amazing.  I was introduced to the first of these through a gift I was given by an ex-boyfriend.  He found a store in Ft. Lauderdale that was closing out a bunch of underwear.  He thoughtfully purchased a pair of Unico trunks for me.  We won’t even go into where his thoughtfulness went after that.  So he gave me the underwear knowing that I am an underwear junky.  Let me tell you something, I was impressed by them.  To be honest they had been on my wish list for a long time.  Finding low prices on Unico can be a challenge.  Luckily he found them on clearance at the store.  Unico was added to my collection then permanently added to my collection for the first and definitely not the last time.

Unico added to my collection a different sort of underwear.  Up until them most of my underwear had been Calvin Klein or 2xist.  Great brands by all means, but Unico stands out as a brand to me cherished.  Every pair of Unico underwear that I own is to say the least perfect.  The cut, fabric, waistband, and pouch make for the best kind of underwear possible.  I prefer the Unico briefs over trunks, but that is also a general preference in underwear as a whole.  The briefs they make provide the best support and all day comfort we all look for in underwear.  If you prefer trunks, the same can be said.  The fabric they use can seem a bit stiff at first, but once you put it on you’ll quickly see that they know exactly how underwear should feel against the skin.  Soft, yet firm enough to stay where in should through a day’s wearing.  This is also credited to fact that Unico has somehow figured out how to cut their underwear in such a way that it fits to a “T” in both briefs and trunks.  They are one of the few brands that runs a seam up the middle of your butt.  I think that this creates a lifting action to help your butt look better.  Seam placement can be challenging and have a mid-butt seam is a tactic more companies should adopt.  Another great aspect is the pouch.  Whether you are well endowed or not, having a place for your junk to rest comfortably is very important.  With Unico underwear, all their underwear features a pouch that holds your junk as should be held.  I can not begin to tell how much this pouch is valued feature to me.  When I put them on everything just naturally rests where it should.  Please keep in mind that as you read this paragraph about great Unico fits, you must keep in mind how they size them.  They are a South American company and all their lines run small.  If you’ve read my sizing standards you’ll know that I always go up a size in Unico.  If you wear small, then a medium is a must in this brand.  Make sure you first experience with Unico is a good one and order correctly.

Ok, so you want to add Unico to your collection.  I don’t blame you.  I want more!  Unico is a brand that rarely is priced at a bargain.  Many sites will tell you it’s a bargain and frankly, it’s not bad, but 40% off is still putting you the $30 per pair range.  If you can swing it, go for it.  Recently landed a great lot of Unico underwear and about 70% off retail.  Yes, I stocked up.  Keep in mind that is discounting discontinued lines.  Other sites are discounting current lines and so the price is higher, but for a great like Unico, still a bargain.  Whether you buy current or discontinued lines the underwear is still basically the same.  Only the design changes.  The construction and fit has never changed in my experience with Unico.  Find a deal or a pay full retail, you’re gonna get a great pair.

What else can be said?  Oh right…have you bought yours yet?  Ha!  I know that if you already have Unico in your collection you are saying that I am preaching to the choir.  If for some reason you don’t have Unico yet, you’ll be happy when you add them.   If trying for the first time, find that bargain and test them out.  I feel very confidant you’ll be happy with your purchase.  If you have a different opinion of Unico I’d love hear it.  If you know of current sale on Unico I’d love to hear that too.  We are all fans of a great daily garment and finding the best and most comfortable can be a challenge.  Unico, in my honest opinion, can be a solution.

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